What needs to be fixed asap and how to improve quality of life by a mile

It’s great that the devs said that they get a lot of feedback from the forums. So here are my suggestions in what order things need to be fixed and improved. At least the most important ones that would bring the game to the next level. If you have any more or think some of these could be described in a more detailed and better way just post them below.

Immediately necessary

Fix Aptitude – Why can you only get 3 Aptitude levels with one craft? So many people are wasting thousands of ressources at the moment because they aren’t aware of this. Also decrease the necessary XP for the Crafting skills or increase the chance to get the good stuff out of the boxes.

Daily Cooldowns (just reset them at 3 am for Crafting, Gypsum Orbs, Event Trees, Elite Runs etc. – It’s annoying to need to keep track of soooo many different things with different cooldowns)

Tuning Orbs are still too expensive. I don’t want to spend 20 hours of my life grinding the necessary items just to run a 30 minute Lazarus run, where I don’t even get any Expertise. (I ran like 6 runs and I only got one Expertise upgrade from a chest and a 599 Fury – I have run around 30 Lazarus Runs in total and I still haven’t dropped any of the legendary weapons at 600 GSC, they always drop at 580-599… - make the Dungeons more accessible or at least reward spending so much time on a key)

Companies should only have one Company instead of many to spread out their wars to their liking… Having one Company dominate a server needs to be fixed asap. (Companies should only be able to hold/contest a territory with a certain amount of members – maybe also include the period of how long the guild existed)

OPR Spawn Camping needs to stop, add multiple exits…

Fix Deposit all

The Inventory/storage needs more customization. (i. e. I want specific items to be in specific layers, like my cooking gear separate from the general equip, same with my gathering, mining, logging, skinning, engineering gear) Just make it possible to add a category with a + and then drag & drop. It doesn’t need to always be in that category, just make the category itself stay and you can always drop the items in there for order.)

The Trading Post still has many items that can’t be searched and the layout overall still could be way better. Just look at other games and take notes.

Fix the Topaz gypsum, it’s way too easy to miss a bag if you are going around in multiple groups, even one group makes it possible to not get 10.

Gypsum is okay 4/10, but it could be 7/10 if you made it possible that people had more reign over which activities they actually want to do. If I want to play 6 OPR today and no tomorrow just give me the gypsum for it today. You only need to increase the amount of gypsum you can gain by a little bit so people can save up on a few activities and don’t feel forced to do all of them every day. (I think this is already the case with Sapphire as I had multiple of these)

Furthermore/Needed in the near future

Chat and Give Coin can’t be used after OPR/Instances.


Arena (1v1, 2v2, 5v5)

Any plans to introduce a few jump and runs? Players seem to really like finding new ways to get through various Zones and the Developers seem to really like deleting this kind of fun. Why not just embrace it and increase the difficulty + add various obstacles and extra rewards ?

I don’t understand the fire staff nerf to the charge ability, it was great fun just like the life staff in the beta. Nerfing and deleting fun will lead to long term unhappiness with the development process of the game. (i. e. a bug exists that actually helps/makes the game more engaging for players – instantly disabled, anything that extends the grind will be up for weeks/a month)

People should be able to switch servers on cooldown or buy a token.

Changing Factions should be possible once a month and currently with the server merges it would be great if there was a once no cd option. My guildmates are considering swapping colour and a few of us still have around 30 days cooldown.

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