What new weapons do you want to see in NW?

While Void Gauntlet is pretty much confirmed, there are still a plenty of room for new weapons.
What I personally want to see:

Pistol - close-medium range weapon with fast attacks. One skill tree for dueling, other one for group buffing.

Dual Daggers - “rogue” archetype melee weapon with fast. One skill tree for “stealth” and backstabs, other one for poisons.

Greatsword - “paladin” archetype melee weapon with slow attacks. One skill tree for huge melee damage, other one for self-buffing and self-sustain.

Crossbow - “rogue” archetype medium range weapon with slow attacks. One skill tree for barbed shots and bleeds, other one for CC.

Hand-Mortar - “engineer” archetype medium-long range weapon with slow attacks, arcing projectiles and splash damage. One skill tree for Dots and area effects (acid bombs, fire bombs, smokes), other one for long range artillery barrages.

Nature Staff - “druid” archetype magic long range weapon. Angry Earth magic basically. One skill tree for debuffing and DoTs, other one for direct damage and CC with roots.

Arcane Gauntlet - basic “force” magic medium range weapon. One skill tree for burst damage, other one for CC with knockbacks and knockdowns.

And what weapon types do you want to see?


shoulder cannon

Jetpack would be awesome with dual pistoles.

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Does the game have one-handed bludgeoning weapons, like a mace or a club, yet?

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Not a new weapon, but an extra tree for each weapon down the track would be good, or an extension to current trees, that fills in all the ‘blank’ spaces in the current trees.

I also want a trait that can be specced into that makes the gauntlet’s ice shower reflect projectiles.


A lute. A bard class would be cool.


Something that adds melee healing.

Something that adds melee magic DPS.

Something that adds a different style of tanking. Ideally a ranged tank (Wildstar had one - it can be done). But if not that, just a very different weapon set.

I really don’t care what “skin” these show up with - I’m more about what kinds of new gameplay they open up.

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One that teleports me to a new region…

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I would LOVE the longsword… after all, some of the critters are using one.
What I also find annoying is they sometimes use both a pistol and a shield, yet I can’t do this…
So, the ability to use a shield with any of the weapons that we have would be great.
Pistols would also be amazing. :grin:

I LOVE bards… they are a fantastic character type… so music as a weapon would be amazing.


Pretty much the void gauntlet, look for its leaked skill tree

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Sorry, but a druid tree without animal transformation is not a druid theme.

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PBAOE wand.

None, I‘d prefer deeper skill trees for the existing weapons. I am lvl30 and I have everything unlocked I want…


A magic spell book for arcane type magic and pistols.

Maybe a scythe would be cool for nercomancer type magic.

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Morning star (flail)
Throwing knives
Slingshot (to troll with for fun)

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Two hand swords… :heart_eyes:

Hand mace. Dual short hatchets, something else we can equip a shield with.