What new weapons do you want to see in NW?

Blow darts

a magical vuvuzela that could destroy a territory

Wand would be nice for various DPS casting / healing.

I know they are not thematically proper but…I want a hand-to-hand weapon, maybe like a cestus.
Or tonfa.
Maybe a scythe? Gotta have a scythe.
1-handed maces (for use with a shield)
Daggers that come as a pair, or change the hatchet to have a two-weapon variant.
Bastard sword
Because it’s rarely done; a whip.
A short spear for use with a shield (You can do jabs from behind a shield-block but it costs stamina)

Not sure what else.

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Katana / ninja / samurai looks


ANY weapon that would have been in use around the 15th - 17th century TBH, from around the world.


I agree with you.
Existing skilltrees should be extended.
Also, why not give the shield its own skilltrees?

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There’s already magic dps, most people dont know that the gems that you slot in for your weapon that does magic damage (fire, arcane, void etc) scales with INT

That’s not the same thing as something with magic like animations, sounds, and visual effects. That’s just the numbers under the hood and not the “gameplay” we see, hear, and feel.

Throwing in my support for Void Gauntlet, Dual Pistols, Dual Daggers, and 2h Sword.

I would like to see:
Dual Pistols with a cool western outfit to theme
Throwing Stars with a “ninja” outfit to theme
Melee weapon like nunchuck to go with Throwing stars, maybe a sai and katana
I’d like to see a “turret” weapon that gets dropped down for area support either with AOE, gun fire, flame thrower or something. Kinda like a Warhammer Engineer

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Halberd? Im surprised that nobody mentioned halberd or did i miss it? But at the same time that would make spear practically uselles i guess but im sure devs would come with some plan to balance it.

None. I‘d like deeper skill tress for the current weapons. I‘m level 30 and already done with my weapons.

Bazooka and Taliban uniform :rofl:

Definitely, but I tend to associate the lute with plinky-plonky court jesters. :rofl:

And I’m not sure what a rousing lute tune sounds like.

If we assume NW is set in the C17th (1600s), there are other instruments we could look to that could carry different types of tune better I think. For example, the fiddle, flute, pipe or bagpipes.

Really, I’d like different instruments for different buffs. Drums for fortify or stamina regen, maybe the lute for healing, and a fiddle to play a jig for speed or haste.

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Been really thinking about this and I think “Brace of Pistols” is the right next weapon.
You have a belt of multiple pistols, starting with 2 that you duel-wield.
Light attack is 1 pistol, heavy attack is both pistols, then you have to reload both.
Upgrades include: adding more pistols to your brace, meaning more shots before reloading, you just switch pistols.
Two perk tracks: Barrage - shoot as fast as possible; Assassin - focus on one-shot kills
Other upgrade:
Fusillade: shooting all your pistols in one long barrage
Pellet shot: like shotgun pellets
Bayonet: adds physical damage when in melee
Hammer-time: Leaping clubbing melee attack with 1 then both pistols as an upgrade-upgrade
Obliteration: pointblank high-damage double-shot
passive upgrades like added damage, faster shooting time, better accuracy, better criticals, faster reloads, etc.

needs work, but I really like this

Dual Daggers, with similar design to Dragon Age 2. I would love to use some of the skills from there!

Yes Greatsword!!!

I want to use different one-hand weapons with a shield. hatchet and shield, one-hand spear and shield, mace (like a melee healer) and shield. GIVE US MORE OPTIONS WITH A SHIELD!!!

And a two handed sword would be also nice.


Dual Daggers - “rogue” archetype melee weapon with fast. One skill tree for “stealth” and backstabs, other one for poisons.

I want that weapon !!! or dual short blades is ok for me, the most important is to have an archetype melee weapon based on stealth and mobility. I want to be able to go in the melee while being hidden, stab my enemy in the back and then disappear in shadows.

I dream to play like that

At this moment I’d much rather choose the ability to wield other weapons, like the spear and the hatchet, or any other one-handed weapon, with the shield much more and much before I start thinking about new and different weapons.

Shepards Crook - Animal Taming tree and maybe a druid tree or something
^ I wouldnt use that but it would be cool to see implemented

Blunderbuss- Shotgun sounds sick