What order of Melee weapons did you level up?

Hi guys, just wondering what order of Melee weapons Weapon mastery did you level up?

For me:

  1. Sword & Shield
  2. Rapier
  3. Warhammer
  4. Spear
  5. Hatchet
  6. Great Axe, Currently level 14

I got all my melee weapons except GA to level 20 currently.

Good question… I do not remember exactly what order I did them all in, but I have every weapon at 20. I had blunderbuss at 20 before the xp weekend started.

congrats :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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great axe

bb and all mage weapons at 15-18

you can kinda see my frustrations with this game.

  1. spear
  2. hatchet
  3. great axe
  4. hammer
  5. blunderbuss
  6. bow

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