What players think it takes to get good at PvP Vs what it actually takes

Please enjoy my latest montage with opening meme as I poke fun at the forum for the general logic that takes place here.

In essence you need to lose to work out how to win. I’m sure there will be a few who will come here and inevitably prove my point…





Equip fire staff

there ,you iz god of pvp


Waittttt a minute you are good with bow? Obviously aimbotting sheeeeesh!


Fully agree but the nuance involved is losing and putting in the effort to figure out why your losing and what to adjust to be better. Absolutely.

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Actually if u watch in many videos u will see that ppl who record are using attribute food, healing pots, regenerating pots, hearty meal, mana pots on their own costs.
Many ppl who get killed are not even spending 1 potion, but they will come on forum to complain that weapon X, Y, Z its OP and need nerf cuz they got killed by it.

Or they play with 5 or 50 cons maximum then they wonder why get 1 shot or die in 1-2 seconds in a battle.

About PvP whiners should learn to play first time and complain after.
They should get at least:
-2 important perks in their armors and good weapons with 2-3 perks. Upgraded to 623 GS.
-buy and use attribute foods.
-buy and use all healing potions.
After that keep practice until u ‘master’ ur weapons. If not working, try respec and go for different build.
If all above dont work, still dont come whine, go quit cuz u are big noob.


Totally agree :+1:

Yes! most importantly review their own performance before immediately blaming it on forces outside of their control.

Well said mate :+1:

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I feel like if you actually want to get good at PvP there is so much stuff you need to learn and finding people to duel with even if they are way better than you is super useful.

There’s a whole bunch of little things, working out the dodge timings on weapon swings, how to time dodges to avoid arrows, how to shoot arrows a bit more unpredictable so you can hit people that know how to dodge, baiting riposte, how to get out of gravity wells with out taking damage, knowing when and when not to attack to avoid spear CCs, how to avoid eating a fire ball etc etc

There seems to be like a wall you need to be able to break through to actually know how to fight stuff


That’s the reason fighting games have the highest skill floor of nearly any game genre. What you’re describing is the basics of being competitive in action combat.

Frame Data




That whole testing concept for dueling is referred to as “labbing”.


You’re getting into the concepts that lead me to create the stagger thread. Careful, dangerous territory.


It’s true!

But most take option b and head to the forums to ask for their opponent to be nerfed instead :rofl::+1:

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There are people who argue for everything, but nowadays the gap between the old player and the new lvl 60 is huge, it shouldn’t be like that and this happens even though both are equally skilled.

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I agree with that and I have spoken about this in one of my videos.
Starting level 60’s at GS 590 and making all level 60 gear 590 should happen. There is no value in the grind 500-590 anymore. Let players enjoy the game and make their character stronger. I don’t think the gap between 590 and 625 is too great and is reasonable to respect older players time.


That is all that is needed.

Man you’ve just took me straight back to my SSBM days…

Good times.

To get good means to have endless supply of money so you can experiment with gear.
Like I never could fight any bow players with musket for obvious reasons I hope I don’t need to state and I decided there has to be a way to at least have a chance against them…

And then it came to me. I just bought medium weight gear for musket got close to infinite iframes so when i Dodge All 3 skills the regular attacks don’t do so much damage into medium 21% thrust prot 5/5resil and 11ele resis.

Ish all about the :money_with_wings::moneybag:


So the moral of your video is nerf bow, rapier, and firestaff?

:rofl: :rofl:

tldw; use rapier and think your good at pvp.


That seems to be the theme :clap::rofl:

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I normally use spear, but thanks for proving my point :+1:

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u for real?

bow does so much more dmg, is so much more mobile xD