What server did you join and why?

I joined Krocylea because it’s the least popular Arkadia Eta server which is the same group of servers Valhalla is in, which one did you choose and why?


I joined Ganzir and it was a big mistake.


I joined Takamagahara because that’s the server my guild decided to join.

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Valgrind because the q was low kinda and it was high pop but now I’m stuck because my cat turned off my PC sad times just got to level 10 too :frowning:

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i picked Melinde, since it was the lowest pop server when i got on
altho i kinda notice a flaw in joining a FR/EN server,
so far not seen anyone speak english in the chat :sweat_smile:

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I joined Valhalla because why not?

Hope you never leave when the game started that q was damn near 20k

Heliopolis because I Praise the Sun.

:sunny: :sunny: \[T]/ :sunny: :sunny:

That’s the whole point of the fun is the que !

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Watching the number go down is exhilarating! Well worth the price point!

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Haha for sure totally why we all bought the game to watch the number game!

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midgard (4300queue, friend is 9000+) cuz our friend group diceded on it before servers went up, and most of them are already in

I choose IFE in order to play with my mates

never choose the servers with cool names, thats where most will go

After 5 hours in Queue for Valhalla with over a week to go in Queue I deleted my character and just choose the lowest pop server. Can’t even remember what it was lol. I feel bad for the people in Guilds that can’t do this.

meh, they always have a chose to play on an other server either for a few days until things settle or find a new guild :slight_smile:

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