What should change in New World?

Hey, i’m a returning alpha & beta player, that maxed out pretty fast after release and got bored due to the lack of content/diversity, i have now come back and have some feedback i’d like to share, i’d also like the readers to add on some thoughts of their own. (My apologies for any typos/misspelling)

A item such as resorces should be cappet at a valvue where the item itself can only be sold for - + % of the x valvue. for example: Gold ingots valvue set to 20coins, and can only be risen or decreased by say 100%-150% of the 20 coins. Due to the markets state today, it is very easy to manipulate it in order to make a good profit. However i do find that weapons and gear should not be capped to the same extent, but let’s be honest +100.000 for jewlery is a bit much, and can cause the players to visit gold sellers or other measures.

Experience/expertise system
The problem lies in that if i decide to farm gypsum orbs all day long, i can still only buy 1x of every item/weapon with the gypsum ord each day, which doesn’t reward trhe players who do put in the work and really want to upgrade their expertise the fastest way possible.

I think we can all agree that mounts should have been here on launch, maybe alittle later to address other bugs, but after a year? it’s about time. Alot of people questiong the pvp aspect of mounts, while i think it’s quite simple

Option 1:
Set mounts as disabled when players enter pvp mode and the same way it is with fast traveling on pvp quests (causes you to lose progress)

Option 2:
Enable mounts in pvp, but make is so that if a projectile hits the player/mount, the player will be dismounted and can not summon their mount for an X amount of time after being hit.

The skins we have in the shop today are 70% the same skins that were there on launch and the following month(s), there are several problems with the skins i’d like to adress. (look belove)

Problem 1:
The skins need to be created in a more versitile way, as today 80% of the skins in New world has the same style/look.

Problem 2:
The skins are targeted towards a certain type of player, and lacks femininity. In my opinion of todays skins, there are no skins that are targeted topwards the feminine fashion and playing on ‘‘attractiveness’’, Most of the skins have a very rough and bold look, which definintly needs to change.

Problem 3
Re-usage of skins is a problem in itself, take the halloween event for example, players as myself that were here over a year ago purchasing the original halloween gear thinking it will go rare, only to find it re-appearing in this years shop aswell? i may only be speaking for me, but to me that tells me there’s no reason to buy these skins, as i can get them any time i want? and or just next season.

Problem 4
As of today you are not able to buy just one part of an outfit, say i really like a helmet in a armnor bundle, i’d have to buy the entire outfit, instead of the item itself costing 1/5th (if 5 parts) of the price.

The forum
I personally find the new world forum very messy and hard to navigate. There is no option for me to chose for example ‘English’ as language. As a user i’ll have to see every lamguage, such as german for example, which really isn’t nessesary for me, as i do not understand germen.

Whenever there’s a maintenance you’re directed to this forums main page, instead of for example straight to the maintenance page. This is the same issue with finding out abou updates and or downtime of the servers.

As a returing player i’ve used this forum several times before, and i found it extremely hard and un-user friendly.

!Second chance!
I firmly belive that New World has been given a second chanse as alot of players are returning and or starting in a higher rate than before, but i fear that if alot of these topics are not changed/updated, New world will not be given the second chanse it deserves.

This is my personal feedback, feel free to comment if you agree or disagree with me.

the map is way to small for mounts

I used to play this game called Star Wars Galaxies. In it, we had vehicles for travel. And if you were dumb enough to try to use a vehicle with PvP enabled, you would probably lose it because vehicles took damage and could be destroyed. I blew up so many swoop bikes back in the day.

I liked that system a lot. Mounts in New Word should also be able to be killed. They are animals, not immortal beings. You should have to take care when using them. That will make people not abuse the mount system by cheesing through dangerous areas and PvP. Seems like a pretty simple fix to me.

Enough of this. Mounts are coming and the new zone is plenty big enough for them. The only question now is how will mounts work.

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