What status effects would you like to see? Or would not?

Silence, Fear, Sleep, Slow, Disarm, Stamina/Magic Drain.

I feel like we are missing some common ailments which could bring a new dynamic to combat. I listed some thoughts below on each one, but what are your thoughts? Are there other ailments that we should consider asking for? Perhaps some that should not be included?

Silence - this would be very effective at nullifying healers so we can target focus them more. I think they currently have a very strong toolkit for getting away. If 5 people are targeting 1 person they really should have the capability of locking down and killing the 1 individual a lot better than they currently do.

Fear - I’m a little worried this could have too much of an impact, but it would make for a new interesting dynamic for point capturing. It would force combat to be a little more complex than a dog pile on the point. There already exists a few counters for skills like this. The hatchet would be more useful again, and sword & shield. If berserk broke a lot more ailments then it would bring it back in a very meaningful way.

Slow - With everyone running these days It would be nice if you could spec into more slows to effectively keep a target within range once you caught them. Its not like the can’t stun/root you to get away still just reduce the cartwheel chase game a bit.

Disarm - If the damage loss was significant this would really bump up the brains required to use melee weapons. No more crazy 2h axe left click spamming. They would actually have to change coarse if they did little to no dmg for a few seconds. rapier is a nice damage avoidance, but I think disarm could let more weapons get in on the action.

Stamina Drain - This would go a long way to break shields and also address the same issues I already mentioned in slow.

Magic Drain - This could provide an additional method to achieve the same outcome as silence. However this might cause more strain on mana pot usage.

Sleep - I’m on the fence for this one, as it doesn’t really create a healthy combat experience. However I can see its utility.

Remove the god damn slime. It’s dumb as sh!t.

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