What the hell are these house tax values?

Are you guys out of your minds? What is going through your heads to have players control the house tax and not providing us any option of moving somewhere else? I am paying 500g for each T1 house! It’s mental! Do you even play your game? What a miserable decision! I am disgusted with what you’re doing to people that are still playing the game!

Man, I am so steaming right now. Do we even need to give you feedback on such a matter? Do you think everyone has time and money to pay these absurd taxes? Everything I am able to farm is controlled by hundreds of bots, and on top of that, you charge me a stupid gigantic gold amount for my houses weekly? Are you serious? I’m struggling so hard not to write toxic words on this post; I am not like this, it’s just sad what you’re doing.

If I do not get a dev response on this topic, I’m out of here, it’s just sad what you’re doing to the game.


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I would ask for your opinion about the current house taxes but I guess that your troll cave is rent free.


I’m fine with the taxes to be honest. Fairly easy to make money in the game especially if you own only one or two houses.

Plus these taxes existed before the winter so not sure why people are acting like they came out of thin air.

Same. Not going to pay these taxes.

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Watch your dirty mouth. Your addiction is clearly taking over your ability to respond respectfully to changes. You are worthless as long as you disrespect devs.

You call me addicted and 7 days ago you were threatening to stop playing for a year.

Give me your opinion instead. House taxes sit on a good spot right now?

Watch your dirty mouth.

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What I actually dont understand is why they changed the tax situation at all from where it was for the last month. They could have just left it the way it was.

Setting it to the current levels and “changing it back” benefits exactly nobody.

The town owners already got 100% of this amount, so they aren’t getting more and they weren’t losing anything when it was reduced to 10% for us to pay.

The economy on the server (barring gold selling) probably got a form of economic stimulus from the system freely printing that extra 90% money. There are gold sinks in the game and it offsets them to a great degree leaving money in the game economy for people to do trade with and pay each other for services if they arent just dumping it on a tax. I saw no real inflation as a result since the super rich companies werent actually spending it all anyway and just balling up money to roll around in (barring gold selling again :slight_smile: Theres only so much gear you can even craft and buy and barely any of them is outfitting their whole company in BiS gear.

House “owners” just have to pay a bunch more now, for nothing. No gain to anyone.

It’s just a monetary loss to every single house owner in the game, and the town owners make the same exorbitant amount they were making before, for doing effectively nothing that benefited the house owners.

Someone spent their development time, creating a change, that does nothing but hurt players and help no one and it has no gameplay value. Its just a number in place of another number, and this one makes the players angry.

Its like they tried to create pissed off customers and succeeded.


Another person to add to my ignore list… kissing the developer’s asses is not a good way to make a horrible game better.

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I would ignore @NWfan33 he’s just a troll trying to get a rise out of people without actually contributing to the subject. I agree to everything you said.


U could farm 3 bags with gold per day. What’s the problem with taxes?

that would yield about 400 gold/day for 5 days… giving you about 2000 gold, which doesnt pay the taxes for any decent sized house.


Surprise, its mmorpg. Here u need to farm sometimes. Or u could buy a small one

ah yes that ol canard.

Its an MMORPG is a perfect reason to make a game change that annoys the players and benefits exactly nobody.

What an argument! You should be a lawyer.

Thanks for your post! Helpful and clarifying in ways I couldn’t type as I was mad as hell yesterday.

While I acknowledge your point, I have to say I don’t think it goes far enough. Rather than pay these higher (restored) taxes, my happy ass will be leaving New World entirely.

I am poor in the Real World, I don’t need my character to be poor in New World, just so that the useless pvp companies that ‘own’ a territory can have 1,000,000 million gold a week incomes!

If these taxes don’t get dropped PDQ, I’ll not be playing without the progress my character had made over the holidays, what with his three houses. NOT going to pay these taxes is for sure my choice, and if that means going off and playing another game instead of New World, so be it.

I totally in agree on the fact that these house taxes are too high compared to the difficulty of making money. Everyone should own 3 houses for the trophies, let’s say one big and 2 small: 3000 gold a week! Too much of a punishment.

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Ja klar wenn man progamer ist und nix anderes macht könnte ich die steuern auch zahlen aber es gibt menschen die haben nicht den ganzen tag zeit um im game zu sein und zu farmen und zu craften

100% agree. I own 2 Tier 2 and 1 Tier 1 House what cost like 1900 gold.
Although i have the time to farm, have the T5 material like Asmodeum to make fast money, i think the majority of the player base haven’t. So give them at least Tier 1 houses for a reasonable fix price.

Tax is too high.
It was first 100%, reduced to 10%. Now they made it 50%.

Very bad move. Should be 20-30% max.
They said they listen to community. I don’t think so.
Big houses are making players cry.

We pay so much taxes in this game…