What this huge increase in house tax?

Like srsly … before i was paying for my T1 house only 60 gold now i need to pay 500 gold ??? the houses its the only thing making me staying in this game bcz of the TELEPORT now this ? are u saying delete the game or what ???


Yeah this is likely going to be a deal breaker for me too… if I have to spend all my in game time making money to pay for me being able to get around the map in a reasonable time, I’m not sure I see a point to continuing.


We have a 90% reduction and now its back to normal but they decreased the normal amount by 50% so intead of 5-20% tax its 2.5-10%. Odds are the companies havent adjusted from the max taxes they had before the patch. Or they intend to keep it at max and then Im sorry for you :frowning:


I just find it funny they don’t want $25 from me anymore; the cost of a housing bundle.

Even at 5% it should be ~250g.

That would have been enough to cover THREE homes (T1/T2).


ils ne sont pas responsables du prix du montant de la taxe qui est défini par les guildes qui gèrent les villes. Ce sont à ces guildes de baisser les prix pour ne pas faire fuir les gens. sauf que ces idiots ne réalisent pas que c’est de l’argent virtuel et ils en veulent toujours plus …

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umm…taxes are maxed out? wait to pay for the company leader to reduce them? sheesh the server has only been open for 20 mins…


Dude for how long are you playing the game? 60 Gold is what you can earn in like 30 seconds. The 500 gold will go down as soon as the settlement owners will reduce their taxes to normal levels. Everyone had raised it to max (20%) when everything was reduced to 10% of the 20%–>2% what you in the end paid. So now it will go up for you to maybe 300 or something and this is really nothing. Before December it was completely normal to pay like 1.3k for a house every 4 days. This is now already reduced and you only need to pay every 5 days, so stop whining. These costs are nothing.

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They are not nothing for those of us who don’t play the game like it’s a job.


It’s funny because they’ll blame the failure of the game on everything but themselves.


thats 3 days of faction quests with daily bonuses for 3 t1 houses. that unbelievably easy and not at all time consuming if it wasn’t for their weird obsession with hourly cool downs instead of daily universal cool downs.

ether way you will end up wanting to do that anyway since faction tokens are even more needed now.


the 8-11 companies that run the server can’t make more than 2 million a week so they fixed it for them

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I highly doubt I’ll want to do the same boring-ass faction missions that I’ve done since Apprentice-rank. And then did to get enough tokens to buy the “BiS” (due to Resilient bug) lvl 60 Faction Gear.


i was talking more about the expedition orbs and chisels.

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I don’t give a flying fuck about Orbs and Chisels.

The entire Orb System is stupidly implemented. Even Blizzard understood it was dumb to require ‘keys’ to do any dungeons.

((Orbs should be ‘sacrifices’ at altars at the start of the expedition to guarantee a +10GS over max GS dropped from the final boss’s chest.))


It’s being reverted back to how it was and how it should be.
You must have joined after they implemented that.


There are alot of things i disagree with being in the companies hands of the towns. But Amazon enjoys it and it is “working as intended” . I dont understand how companies can set the cost of Azoth coming into thier territory. It is magic that is not controlled by them yet they somehow can say, instead of a 10 azoth tax, we are charging 25?

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I’d gather the majority of the current housing owners purchased AFTER they lowered taxes, simply because most of the people who don’t play games like jobs hit 60 after that time.


yes yes i get it but it aint going away soon.

bottom line, you ether craft them (with faction token chisels) or buy them with faction tokens

you are screwed if you want to play that aspect of the game

otherwise making 1k in a week minimum isnt that hard if you are doing anything but sitting in a town yelling at the sky all day.

Best to uninstall and leave a negative review at this point. They don’t get it.


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