What to do in current state?

I just sit here wondering: what can you actually do right now?

  • Outpost rush is full of exploiters or AFK players.
  • Every farming spot of ori, wirefiber or ironwood is occupied by at least 4-5 players.
  • Trading post disabled
  • Fishing is unrewarding

Question is, why you disabled Tree Wolves if other things are not resolved? Why Quintessences farming was so alarming to turn it off?
Please. One aspect of a game which isnt broken yet. One.

Better question you should ask is it time to put the game down until it’s in a better state?. Both for your mental health and to not burn out on the game itself for when it is in a better spot.


It is something to consider for your own mental health and we have a plethora of good games out these days just not so many on the mmo front outside of FF14 expasion.

Yup. Worst part is that I had longer break at work and could actually progress in this game to make it more casual later. But now I cannot progress, so actually playing later wont be considered. Well. Shit happens.

It’s been the same for alot of us, after my mates stopped playing and the latest patch killed the game for myself. I chose to put the game down and uninstall it for my own mental health and to not fully wipe out on it.

Currently waiting for the game to be in a more complete state.


Completely agree. Up to now I tried to find some positives but it is really hard when more and more features are getting disabled instead of being added.

Charcoal, it will sell really fast after trading is reenabled. Btw player to player transaction should still work.
And fishing is reasonably rewarding if you know a thing or two, but that is true for any profession.

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Switch servers. My opr is fine, good most of the time. Not super organized but the fights are solid usually. There are nodes to be had. Open world PvP… etc.

Switch servers. Or just take a break.

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As your opinion is not our problem. So gtfo from my post. Thank you in advance.

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