What to do in New World after lvl60 and daily activities tracker


So basically just cooldowns and gypsum farm.

No wonders the game lost 37% of the average daily playerbase in the last 30 days.

Also, both of the arenas do not have reasonable queues on the majority of the servers.


Those are time gated activities which is easy to miss/forget and should be very convenient for players to keep track of what’s should be done to not “miss” any kind of timegated profits, espicially important one is timegated crafts which is literally convertation of your daily limit into gold profits

And still, as an MMO, most important endgame content (at this stage) is company based activities (war, invasions, etc) and farming of expeditions (dungeons). For dungeons we also got separated beatiful page with adjustable mutation level to see the difference in drops, how HP of mobs and bosses change when mutation level is changed, etc

Have a look @InconnuGlitterBoy


2 very handy guides…thanks!


Thanks for the kind words!

Make sure to check out the rest of the content on New World Guide, you gonna love it since it’s the most complete database for New World at the moment!

You can refer to this (a bit outdated, but still) thread on the forum

And hey, all kinds of feedback are very appreciated, especially about daily tasks tracker since it’s a completely new feature and it is expected that some bugs/issues may be found

not sure what u mean with “after”

all daily activities are atleast 4hrs + …

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Nothing, there is no endgame for active players

4 hours what?! Dont give bad info.

Daily endgame is more like 20 min doing majority of gypsums, crafting tier V, and logging in/out included. Also elite chests and mutations give trash gear/stuff, 99,9% still salvage and why you need shards if u already capped after 1 week and never can spend them cause BiS is unretrievable or 800k in this game… gold is worthless
The endgame is not rewarding and grinding… there is no way there is people trying to get that 1 out of 100k piece from chests after all? And purple dont sell as well as most legendary stuff. I tell you this, there is way too much loot but all of it is salvage. 1 out of 1k i keep or sell but it wont be bis or close to so actually its more like 1 item out of 50k drops and thats not worth opening chests or doing mutations for… and everyone is already capped with gs625… and trade skills capped after 1 week… people leave cause there is no real content or pvp in the endgame. To me, there is no endgame at all. It stops where u have enough shards, coins and BIS gear… you cant use cause everyone plays this game in pve mode and there is not much engaging in endgame

Pvp is dead so dont think this is a pvp game :frowning:


A lot of players kinda lost after they reached level 60 and the main thing they have in mind “what’s next”

That’s what I tried to address with that “after” :slight_smile:


Level 60 is obtainable in 1-2 days… so i am wondering why people ask this question? The game itself says u can open elite chests (still same trash as normal chests or even worse due to lack of trophy mats), do expeditions (for shards) and crafting (for shards and coins) with gypsums being used for casting shards… so we end up with 500k shards and 500k coins in no time, so shortly players dont do gypsums or mutations anymore as its not even rewarding. U can have 100k shards in less than 5 days? And u cant even spend it on gear that isnt there. Crafting is also not worth it

100k shards in 5 days? Sure, but first you will have to get to GS625 otherwise your gains from the mutated expedition gonna be heavily reduced. And a lot of players play 1-2h per day/session and not mote. For them getting lvl60 easily might be 2 weeks+ journey

But the tool for daily could be useful for everyone who just wants to get everything and make sure that nothing is forgotten. Another case when it is very useful is when you create a new char. I still believe that first 100h after char creation in New World is one of best experience and actually a funny one

You’re fighting the wrong battle, OP is promoting a guide to help new players, no need to talk about this here


Yeah, in overall when players with 1000h+ hate game it just creates a very wrong picture for people with their 20-100 hours on record. Just getting to M10 - is a VERY long road and it’s definetly worthy to hop on it from my perspective

And when that road is finished - new adventures will be released and we all waiting for them: Raids, crossservers OPRs and many more. When there will be a need to add more daily activities - I will add them based on feedback

When there will be added new expedition to the game - it will appear in expedition tool. And when new expedition will be added this tool will greatly help everyone who’s looking for more info about it, from mobs types and prefered weapons to what is actually drops from that expedition (+what kind of items are added on for different mutation levels)

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You get the stat point at 623, and the only reason to hit 625 is to do 10s, but if there’s really no reason to do 10s and the protection and dmg from 623-625 is so negligible and it is, you can see the math on youtube, and 99% of all loot is junk and it gets boring going through tons of loot just to throw it all out for 3G on every single item…

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Those are nuances of endgame which is something to be improved by AGS with coming updates. Tho SOME of the items from M10’s are actually worth farming, especially in the light of coming Transmog, eg images of some of them I posted here

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People are farming items for transmog when there isn’t even so much as a word about how Amazon will handle transmog in the first place. :roll_eyes:


What you do is, you enjoy the ‘fresh’ experience, and ride that high as long as it lasts.
Then, sooner or later, you will realize the shit systems that are implemented and eventually quit like majority of the community, and will find more enjoyment on the forums than in-game.

right now, AGS just wants your wallet for the initial purchase, then they do. not. care.
They are just looking to “pad their stats” for their shareholder’s meetings to justify their studio’s expenses. AKA, so the shit employees can keep taking their salary.

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Amazon Greed Studios.


Nice tracker, but it is inaccurate. You can earn up to 2 Emerald Gypsum per day, as well as 1 additional Diamond Gypsum. I do not know the exact time requirements, but if I get my Emerald/Diamond gypsum early in the AM after the daily reset, I can earn 1 bonus for Emerald/Diamond that same day.

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Log out.

So quit finally and go play something else, you start to be pretty pathetic with these posts :wink:

How many hours do you have in-game for your 40$? 1000? 2000?

You can go to cinema, get some coke and nachos for it, 2 hours of fun … for the same 40$.

Stop crying, NW isn’t here to fill your empty life.