What to do with fresh start servers moving forward? How to transition players (that want to) over to the main servers?

My concern for these servers is that they will not have the shell company changes on launch of fresh start servers. If they dont have shell company mitigation, then I suspect that the servers will be farmed heavily for gold for the first few weeks and those companies that made shell companies will be so far ahead of everyone else that the server will fail. It will be just like launch except those companies will be even more organized than before.

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I believe that only the Artorius and Gaea servers for the SA population will not be enough.
In case of queues, how soon will new Fresh Start Servers be released to meet demand?

Let us transfer between fresh start worlds please .

WE DONT WANT TO JOIN A LEGACY SERVER because of the unfair and not clean state … duped gold/items. shattered economy and territority management

I wiped my legacy to join fresh start and now i have to join legacy again ? No way

What is the point of that ? It would have been better to start fresh in legacy …




Please open transfers between fresh worlds or at least option to transfer between them.

Everyone of us want to keep playing in fresh start but not on a dead server… and we dont want to be forced to join a legacy server if our server run empty like it does now… we played fresh start because we dont want to be in legacy servers ever again and we enjoy the clean state of fresh worlds.

As you might already know legacy servers are unfair for fresh players who dont want to be involved in lots of duped gold/items, overpriced gear, unbalanced territorities, whereas the whole game had multiple exploits and one year of free money for big companies.

Its two different worlds, please dont open transfers between fresh to legacy. Enabling transfers to legacy will let the fresh worlds even die faster. And the player base already dropped to its lowest again.

You basically scammed the whole player base and divided them into two. And now it seems that it was just a shameless attempt to attract more players without caring about their experience?

Have you read this?

Or this?


The only dupe that is relevant in new world today is people being duped into believing that the legacy dupes from a year ago have any bearing on their economies today. AGS has stated loud and clear that legacy economies are healthy by allowing FSS transfers to them. AGS has all the economic data for all server economies and would not allow transfers from fresh to legacy if they knew legacy servers were broken. They have data. You don’t.

Stop with the misinformation whose sole purpose is to divide the new world playerbase.


Unfortunately you won’t really convince people otherwise. Plenty of people do things despite logic and evidence to the contrary. Looking at decades of evidence in favor of vaccinations and a million other things that ends to becoming “political.”

There really is a true emotional/psychological impact that dupes have had on the player base. It’s really impacted returning player’s willingness to come back, even if there is no real evidence of a lasting impact. I think they just feel tainted for some people therefore they are.

I do agree that there should be a limit of spreading incorrect information either unintentionally because people are just unaware/unable to take in the correct information or intentionally because some people just want the game to burn (despite them failing to do so for over a year now).

oh this is great

AGS eat their own words again…

How fresh and fair is it to delete a legacy character to be able to reroll on fresh start and work your way up… to transfer to legacy again?

Fresh start is here cause people want a clean world without having to deal with the issues from legacy servers like duped gold/items, exploit history, server merges, bot farming, 1 year of free money for big companies, etx.

Transfer from a fresh start to a legacy server is not fair… its two different world.
The problem is the same.
Its just a silly attempt to attract new players.

However i dont want to be on a dying legacy server, and AGS opened too many servers… but forcing us to transfer to a legacy server or stay on a dead fresh world is bad design and scam

I dont want to lose my progress… i had to abandon my legacy account to be able to restart all progresss on fresh start … i want to stay in a fresh world. It does not make sense to let people transfer between fresh and legacy only

Transfers should be possible between fresh. I dont want to join a legacy server because i joined a fresh world…

Didn’t think this thread would still be alive! It is interesting to see and I’m just looking at US EST so I can compare apples to apples but, looks like other than the most populated fresh start sever, legacy seem to be holding onto their population more consistently. Granted there are clearly more fresh start servers/players overall it seems. Also I couldn’t get the whole picture, but there are some legacy servers on the bottom but those are really the pseudo legacy servers that opened very recently when people came back with Brimstone Sands announcement. Many of those players intended to go to a fresh start server and really can be considered in the fresh start category in terms of the player population. So that was pretty expected.

Don’t think this is all that surprising given you are looking at players who have stuck with the game for a year through the hard times (pretty resilient given how much the game has changed haha, it’s been rough) versus players that had originally left shortly after release. So not surprising that you are seeing a significant drop in those populations in comparison. Wonder if we might see some merges eventually and then we are left with the fresh start players that are here to stay. Which is exciting that we will likely see a permanent increase in the game population from the fresh start sever release.

Still hoping they do the right thing and merge everyone together eventually and not fragment the community like this, but that’s just me being hopeful. They can do whatever they want. It’s their game and they have no obligation to do anything.


This is exactly why I want to transfer my FSS to legacy. I created a FSS to play with some friends that I played with at launch who quit pretty soon after launch. When they said they wanted me to start a new character on FSS so I could play with them, I did so hesitantly knowing they wouldn’t play for long since they are more FPS battle royal types but wanted to give new world another try. They quit after a few weeks as expected.

I have friends on another legacy server who have played since launch that I want to transfer this character too. I know they won’t quit. I still mainly play my main on COS but will be fun to have another account on their server.


I can see why people on FSS don’t want legacy players on their servers, I think after 6 months really it doesn’t matter but I know it’s hard for people to get over the whole dupes that happened in the past and their perceived impact. But the other way around I think is reasonable even now. I don’t think legacy servers should become elitist and don’t want FSS players tainting our servers or something silly haha. I think the more the merrier and if we got players to stick around then it’s awesome.

I think your friends are a very common story but I think there are some that are here to stay now as well. I just think it should open up so we can all play together and not create any elitist BS where some servers are “better” or “purer” than others. That creates an unhealthy community. The FSS were still released with territory ownership, which regardless of the changes means that territory owners have significantly more wealth than non-territory owners. It’s spread out a little more but it’s still there. That’s true on legacy and FSS. They did not release the war restrictions, war fatigue, anti-mega company changes so on some servers it actually isn’t any different. You see them pop up but a single company owning most of the map. That ends up being the same as old EF/WW/etc.

What do we do next? Create new FSS to chase this “pure” server? Until a bug happens or they raise that the core system if this game, territory ownership is what some people don’t like. Which is okay, it’s not for everyone.

I think now is a time to bring everyone together instead of making it so we start fragmenting the game into 1, 2, … X different communities. People love to separate themselves into groups and hate on the group they are not in. That’s inevitable to some degree (PVE vs. PVP players hating each other on the forums), but they should not be creating more divisions. They should be designing systems that limit and reduce divisions instead. Many devs will just leave it up to players to self regulate themselves and throw the blame on them when they inevitably fail to do so, not realizing they have much more control over it than they think. It can be directly but more often than not indirectly based on the decisions they make.

Had a random thought. They have really tied themselves up by saying that they would not be merging FSS with the main servers or allowing transfer of main server players to FSS. They have announced that theywill be allowing FSS to legacy transfers though.

They could consider the following option.

  • Open FSS to main server transfers now. No reason to restrict them now if people want to play with their friends.

  • After 6 months lock new player creation. After 6 months these no longer are fresh start servers and probably should not be advertised as such to incoming players who are looking for that kind of leveling experience. Instead they can wait for the next wave of FSS, as it is a really cool tool to get new players interested in the game without getting overwhelmed by the server being a majority of max leveled players.

  • Not complete any FSS merges either among themselves or with main servers to prevent compromising their economies.

  • This gives the options of players on FSS to continue on their individual servers if they choose to do so without any interference from outside servers. But allows players that used it as a means of having a fresh start leveling experience, then transfer over to the main servers wherever they are ready.

  • This would also limit any significant fragmentation of the community and also remain consistent with the original promises AGS made with FSS.

Wish i could tranfer off my fresh start server to another fresh start server.

Im not very happy with the environment or atmosphere of the one i chose but im kinda stuck here now.

I think fss to fss tranfers makes sense because its dupe free to dupe free.

Just changed up the thread a bit to keep the discussion going since this was originally created when FSS were released. Things have changed quite a bit since then and the discussion has also changed as well. I quoted the initial post just for reference.

I thought that this may be one way to allow players to continue on their servers if they choose to do so, but also work on transitioning players over to the main servers is they choose to do so. Again who knows how many will choose to do this, but it can be an option as they originally committed to this in the FAQ.

Another thing to consider is that FSS are a really nice way to get new players into the game who may be intimidated by starting an MMO when a majority of players are already maxed out. So how does the game handle future FSS waves?

Finally how do we know fragmenting the community this early on in development? How do we handle cross server queues for OPR/Arenas/Mutations in the future? My guess would be to only have this active for the main servers and disable this feature on FSS to limit outside interference with the servers. For instance players with max 625 BIS gear sweeping an OPR containing FSS players.

Another thing we could consider would be to allow FSS to FSS merges as their server population decreases as players transfer from these servers. This would definitely need to be discussed by players who are on FSS as I’ve heard mixed thoughts on this. Given one economy on one FSS could negatively impact another if they are merged or if one FSS is impacted more by a bug than another. Another thing could be that some FSS are owned by a mega company while others have remained balanced. So this could complicate this.

You can theory-craft all day, but just make sure those playing on the legacy servers get fucked. I mean, its obvious to everyone that no new players is a death sentence to a server and when some servers are described as “new” they will undoubtably funnel all the new players to them.

There’s this horrible, beautiful scenario coming in two years, when one lone player makes the forum post: “Hey, I’m the last remaining guy on Val-Castle-Fena, can I merge into an active server? Please, I’ll pay…” and AGS will say, “Aww I’m sorry, someone may or may not have duped something years ago, so enjoy your empty town you piece of shit” and I can’t wait for that moment.

But AGS probably won’t do that, they’ll just rebrand the Fresh Start servers as legacy, then come out with a new batch of fresh servers. We’ll get mergers no one wants, friend groups split, and those crybabies who think this game is a “grind” will actually have a point once you have to redo it every year.

It’s definitely a difficult situation to be in unfortunately. Granted AGS kinda put themselves in this situation but I do enjoy the game enough to keep the discussion going and see if we can find a way forward.

My guess is that they will keep using FSS moving forward. Many MMOs have started utilizing them alongside catch-up mechanics to try and get new players into their games (literally got an ad for a fresh start RuneScape server the other day). I do think they are a good way to get new players into a game that may be otherwise intimidated by a server filled with max level players. While other players that are not concerned much about this will trickle in throughout the rest of the year. They can use catch-up mechanics in these situations.

My guess is that they were going to try and assimilate the FSS into the main servers from the beginning. Ideally I think they would have just opened them up and converted them into “main servers” after 6 months. I believe the original FAQ unfortunately said they would not be doing that which ties their hands, so the next step really is to open up transfers to the main servers. This would still give the option of players to remain on their servers if they choose to do so.

They could consider keeping new character creation but they would have to remove the FSS designation because they no longer will be that for new players and usually we would want to funnel new players to the main servers because they would have less restrictions and would be connected to the main community. Since main servers would have cross server queues and all that. So I think the best option is to disable new character creation. I just don’t think there is a way to keep it if players on these servers wish to keep themselves isolated from the main servers. Otherwise you are condemning a player to paying $15 for a transfer token when they want to participate in cross server queues and things that interact with the main servers. Granted they could consider a warning upon character creation and call it there. I just don’t think that’s ideal for incoming players.

Ideally the trickle of new players should go into the main servers and then we would see seasonal surges of new players on newly created FSS every year, or however often they choose to do them. Ideally with the next batch they would just say that the servers would open up after 6 months to prevent any future issues and fragmentation of the community.

In the end this really is a tough situation to figure out.

As it stands they have exactly 4 options:

  1. Leave it as is. Legacy will die, and that joke of a situation I mentioned above will 100% happen, if they don’t just delete everyone’s accounts.
  2. Retire the Fresh Start Servers, closing down the option to join and letting them die one by one or eventually merge them.
  3. Eventual Fresh Start into Legacy.
  4. Shake things up massively so that none of this applies.

Number 4 would require them to do something like race servers, or: “Fresh New Servers, and if you currently have a level 60 you will instantly be level 60 there.”

Maybe they have something incredible for us, but at this moment its just baffling why they’re attempting to reinvent the wheel here, where there is so little to gain and so much to lose.

I don’t think that if they do nothing legacy will die, it’s actually seeming to be the opposite when I looked at the server numbers earlier. But hey I could be wrong. Well at least for the original main servers that were opened (not the ones opened due to Brimstone Sands hype that contained mostly FSS destined players). Other than a single FSS 3/4 of the US EST servers were at the top with all of the FSS below them. Granted! There definitely are more FSS players right now but speaks to some degree to the stability. On top of that I’m noticing more new players recently on the main servers. I think we may have crossed the threshold where new players are not particularly incentivized to go to a fresh start sever anymore since that “race” or whatever metaphor you want to use has long since been started. So the starting points although not equivalent yet, are mostly equivalent. Also new players that didn’t come back during the advertising campaign may not understand what a FSS is and will default to a main server instead. That’s my theory at least.

I do think the initial drop in FSS players was expected and we might be now at the stable playerbase now. Since with any massive surge your expect a ton of people drop off and that be healthy. So it’s hard to say.

I do think the issue is that as of right now we have this awkward situation where they are not planning any FSS merges nor allowing FSS to FSS transfers. So I imagine they need to do something but they kinda put themself in a weird situation.

But I think those are so possibilities. Ideally and not all people may agree with me here, but ideally I think the game is healthier if the focus is to have all players on the main servers in the end and not to fragment the community this early into development. Using FSS as a tool to get new players jump-started into the game. Not creating more and more isolated servers. Then we have the main servers, FSS1, FSS2, etc, etc.

Eventually the madness needs to stop haha. Or maybe not, maybe I just need to embrace it. Option 4. FIRE SERVERS. The server literally is a constantly spreading wildfire. Water is safe but we still can’t swim. Oh god.