What to do with fresh start servers moving forward? How to transition players (that want to) over to the main servers?

Why would they want to isolate themselves ? It’s a MMORPG and people should be inclusive of others culture / languages . It should be an opportunity to learn about other languages / cultures when talking in General chat

Thé game itself is translated so they should be fine to play and find French player company. People are never happy ….I’m pretty sure Thoses old gamers don’t give a damn about what language people speak in general

And how to communicate without a universal language skill that both understand? You can´t just gesticulate and show on things like in real life :smiley:

Yes streamers start on nov 2 but have so many keys they can hand out to who ever they wish to help them in the events. The rest or open public will be nov 18.

Yes I agree.

I just wanted to highlight the comment about there being 24 languages in the EU and how people would be “forced” to play in English seems silly to me when what they’re really saying is they want French and German servers and are perfectly OK with “forcing” the players who speak the other 21 languages to play using English, French or German.

Just seemed a bit hypocritical to me to bring up the 24 languages bit.

Yea I completely agree with you, seems hypocritical from my understanding

Can I have some of what you are smoking? It is more than 4 servers.

There are so many quality of life and bug fixes. It’s worth giving the game a shot on the fresh start server IMO. Gear is equalized at 600 GS for pvp instances.

They probably mean 4 servers in their region. ( which is they only ones that matter if you value low ping)

Actually says they would never merge FSS into legacy. Technically they could merge legacy into FSS.

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Me too. I’ve leveled every profession except jewel crafting. No way am I doing that again even if it is easier.


I think if they ever developed an official iron man mode I definitely would in addition to waiting for the 25-60 revamp as well. It’s tough in a classless game to encourage people to make multiple accounts when by design you really only need one. I think that’s where iron man modes really shine in classless systems.

I would much prefer to continue on my main account and focus on my stretch goals such as getting more achievements, etc.

It’s also kinda nice being in an ecosystem where most players have the trade skills, trophies, and gear to craft. As cool as it was in the beginning to have people dedicated to specific crafts and having a max level armorer in your company meant something. It also was heavily gated in the beginning behind territory owners because they could afford to buy out the resources. It’s actually interesting but you could argue there is a bit more equality in a legacy server because players have had enough time to catch up to the territory owners.

Obviously that doesn’t apply for everything and I totally get the appeal of FSS. If people are going for the early leveling experience with similarly leveled players, then it’s going to be awesome. Low level open world PVP! All of that! I just don’t really want to go back to being a peasant working for the territory owners again haha. I kinda enjoy having had the time to catch up and be more equal. I just am not sweaty enough and personally don’t really want to try and rush territory ownership and all that. I kinda like my current chill experience. I just hope they continue to support legacy servers moving forward. Not really in words, but their actions.


Imo, Eventually the novelty of the fresh start will wear off in a year or so and they will be the same as legacy servers at that point. If either set of servers starts to die, they will allow transfers or merges. And because a year or so has gone by and the FSS pop is maxed out, nobody is going to care if legacy come to FSS or Vice versa. All the” fear of legacy servers “ that exists today will be ancient history by then.

I’m with you on enjoying the chill environment and place in the game… I can play as I want when I want. I don’t have that feeling I got to get this done. It’s like being in new world retirement.


Maybe that’s what we are, the NW retirement community haha. We don’t care about the hustle and bustle and need to rush take a territory so we can afford to have a high tier crafter or compete. We all pretty equal now. All have near BIS gear. Every company has a crafter for everything. We have lived that life already.

I think that is a good point though. If the appeal really is an equal footing, then after a few months there really isn’t a reason to join a FSS over legacy and we all see people start coming over to legacy servers. I think my mind kept thinking FSS will always provide that fresh start feel, but it’s only for a few months anyways.

It’s just fun to see new players and all that. Since there are supporting FSS so heavily, then I assumed that’s where people naturally will go, even future new players, but that might not be the case at all.

Since the fresh start experience is only likely the first few months, that’s I guess why I thought that they would eventually be merged and they would do this yearly and would be a cool way to bring in new players to the game consistently. Instead of making them permanent.

Anyways, it will be interesting to see where it goes. I’m still hopeful even if I’m concerned.

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The fourm zeitgeist says PvP only servers will happen soon despite AGS saying otherwise.

Therefore, tranfers from legacy to FSS will happen also because AGS always goes back on what they say.

I will make a character on one to just see the new leveling experience but otherwise, my main will still be my focus. These fresh start servers will just end up like all the others within 3 months anyways.

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I don’t understand why EU players (I’m one of’em and from Turkey) cry about language tag ?

Exactly cuz of the “diversity” of a number of different languages they need to keep neutral English servers.

I still think all FFS users should delete all remaining characters, so we can see who is there for the “just chilling and experiencing re-launch I’ll be turning back to my main later” kinda player or who is a really fresh starting folk.

But on contrary AGS giving 3rd slot for character to us ? I hope, everything happen smooth and nice.

My concern for these servers is that they will not have the shell company changes on launch of fresh start servers. If they dont have shell company mitigation, then I suspect that the servers will be farmed heavily for gold for the first few weeks and those companies that made shell companies will be so far ahead of everyone else that the server will fail. It will be just like launch except those companies will be even more organized than before.

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I believe that only the Artorius and Gaea servers for the SA population will not be enough.
In case of queues, how soon will new Fresh Start Servers be released to meet demand?

Let us transfer between fresh start worlds please .

WE DONT WANT TO JOIN A LEGACY SERVER because of the unfair and not clean state … duped gold/items. shattered economy and territority management

I wiped my legacy to join fresh start and now i have to join legacy again ? No way

What is the point of that ? It would have been better to start fresh in legacy …