What was the end game for the market?

I’ve been curious about this since before launch, what is the actual end game economy supposed to look like for NW?

An economy is driven by supply and demand, at least in the simplest of terms.

In Albion Online, the economy is driven by gear loss – you need good gear to get good materials and PvP, you die and lose that gear you have to replace it; hence the market is always moving forward.

Now in NW we don’t have gear loss, something I was happy about in the beginning but now I’m realizing it might be to the downfall of the market. What is the demand for most of the crafting in the game?

Sure, furniture is an option, but eventually you’ll have all your houses filled up and I don’t think furniture is the main point of the market.

Weapons and gear? Eventually you’ll hit your cap (ignoring any grinding requirements) and you won’t need any more gear. Now, an argument might be “new players need gear.” But with server caps how many new players will we really see on high pop servers; is it really an influx of new players that will drive the economy?

Potions and food? I guess this is the big demand if gear isn’t required to be replaced right?

This isn’t meant to be negative on the game or anything, I’m just really curious, what do you see in the future of the market?


Deflation and tears.


I see disappointment and goodbye.


That’s the motto for NW in general right? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve been saying this from the start.

I leveled up Engineering as first job and sold a lot of tools on my server. I made quite a bit of money “back in the day” because everybody needed tools… But now? Almost impossible to sell doing profit and the competition is fierce. It will only get worse, as more and more players will reach 200 crafting skill and more and more players will have all their tools.

My solution? : Make Tools only repairable x times. Like you can repair the tool 10 times and after that it disappear. Something like that.

I believe there will still be a sizable market for weapons and gear well into the future because players will want to try new builds.
Also meta shifts are bound to happen, so all those GA/WH players may be incentivized to buy a different build later.

For example, I almost completed my med-armor bow build. But I really want a full-on glass-cannon sniper-musket build. I also see myself tanking/healing a little bit in expeditions so I would like to pursue a set of armor optimized for that.

I think there will always be a demand for T5/T4 repair kits.
For someone with high engineering skill, this will probably be profitable now and well into the future.

Don’t forget this is an MMO. Expansions will come out raising the watermark score and player/crafting levels. So my guess would be many/most people will hit the cap on crafting/gear score then the expansion will drop and the first handful of people to hit the caps again will make money on the TP. The rest will play catch up then the cycle will repeat. Just a guess but it’s a trend I noticed in MMOs.

Pay to win

But what about in the long periods between expansions? If a market is only really active in the short period after a release then is that the live market that was supposed to be a highlight of the game?

What about when you’ve bought your 8 600gs weapons and a few sets of armour though? Are you going to just keep replacing things for a perk or something?

The market will most likely go stagnant. New players/New characters will be needed to move resources around. But again this is me guessing based on what I’ve seen from other MMOs.

I love this comment.

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This is just yet another symptom of a game releasing in an entirely different format than it was initially built around.

It is possible, sort of. Since this is an MMO the game will constantly change either from better perks being released to modifying current perks (also bugs and stuff). Anything is possible.

I don’t think there’s a simple solution to New World’s economy problems. There’s a whole slew of people, of which I include myself, that couldn’t even make enough money to repair our gear, much less think about buying anything from anyone because there was no way to make money on the Trading Post. If you weren’t ready to sell stuff the first month, then you basically missed your opportunity window. It certainly didn’t help that problems were exacerbated due to the Trading Post shut down, and the linking of all of the Trading Posts. Deflation is rampant. And, if you’re not already rich enough to buy a piece of gear, you most likely never will be.

While I applaud AGS for the idea of having a player driven economy, I think it’s not implemented well for the majority of players. There are way too many gold sinks in the form of taxes, and not enough income, especially for people who can only play a few hours a day or week.

So, for the people that have already “made it,” you actually are going to have fewer and fewer customers, not just for all the reasons you mentioned, but also because nobody new can afford to buy anything.

There really needs to be something like a vendor for the average person to make a little bit of extra money so they can think about buying things from other people. A little inflation is not going to hurt this game one bit considering everything else they have in place that just causes more and more deflation. All the furniture that people aren’t buying right now is because people don’t have enough money to afford houses, much less the taxes on houses. Believe me, if people had more money then they could buy more stuff. But, that’s never going to happen with the way things are set up right now.

So do you think the market was ever designed to function in a healthy economy or is it just like every other MMO market where it’s just a place were a few people play around and the rest ignore or only use when they really need it.

I’ve asked myself the same thing. I came from UO and WoW, so it’s always been strange to me that we can’t create alts. If one player can max every craft, but no alts can be made… the end-game looks a lot like a bunch of 60s (all gear below that is useless) running around that can craft everything themselves.

I guess consumables may always have a place in the world. And perhaps high-end furniture.

Oh, I think that’s what they wanted. I just don’t think they knew how to do it properly. They put too much stock into taking away people’s money and not enough on giving people money. It’s just another balancing issue that they could fix if they put enough effort into it.

Besides, I think that if this game were functioning properly, it would be impossible for everyone to do everything. There are plenty of people that don’t want to do any crafting, or any PvP, or any PvE. Thankfully, one thing New World got right is not forcing anybody to participate in things they don’t want to participate in. (for the most part, there are some exceptions).

In a game where choice is paramount, people that want to craft will always be making things for the people who don’t want to craft, and who may be out there making money by doing missions (payout is way too low). There are a lot of lazy people. And, I don’t say lazy as a pejorative. Just that a lot of people don’t want to waste their time making stuff when they could be having more of their own fun PvP’ing, while the people who think crafting is really fun would be supplying them. There’d be a synergy where the PvP’ers kept crafting prices low for the crafters that would sell their craft to the PvP. It can be done. But, it has to be done right. I may not be an expert, but I do know that AGS has to seriously work on the balancing of the economy, and right now, the biggest problem I see is the rampant deflation where nobody can afford to buy anything.

It’s interesting, I kept hearing about this game was supposed to have a living economy (in my mind similar to Albion) and now I’m looking at their Steam page and it doesn’t even mention the market. Maybe I just thought there was a bigger plan and focus on the market / economy than there really is.