What was the new patch?

Does anyone know what is happening?

or just can tell me where is the patch update info besides the main site?

this feels random lol


Fixed issue preventing companies from receiving housing taxes.
Fixed server crashing skins.

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i wish these thing were on one of the game bulletin boards or smth.

thank you guys

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But this post are from yesterday :open_mouth: I was not playing last night. 13/02/2022 was 25 houers ago :open_mouth: So have server bean down that long on wtf :open_mouth: ? You know if this is right ?
Or was the server taken down like 1 houer ago ?Thx in advance :slight_smile:

just click on the dev tracker link in the forums here… it’s literally on top

Just an hour ago :slight_smile:


Ahh oki ty :slight_smile: Hope you have a nice day :slight_smile:

Take care <3

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other changes happened too that they didnt list, but thats normal, town music is also changed, havent found what else changed yet

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Literally had a solution already and you still had to say this :joy:

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