What? What was this lion shape in Everfall crafting area?

My partner crafts daily in Everfall and today (it was night time in the settlement) she noticed the shape of a lion face on the ground.

This screenshots is from HER screen when she saw the lion (I wasn’t there yet).

SHe called me, I got there, and she took another screenshot with me at her side.

And I took this screenshot from my screen (with her at my side).
She was seeing the lion on her screen but in my screen there was nothing.

As the sun started to rise, daylight removed the lion shape from the ground.

We checked for signs or symbols (nothing on the sky neither) that could be reflecting the lion shape (even when she was seeing it on her screen and I wasn’t) but found nothing.

Any ideas?


wait until you see the crop circles in Mourningdale.

Crop circles in the streets of Everfall

It’s from someones home. There’s a lamp in the Chinese new years housing decorations that casts that.

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Yeah its crazy how far it projects haha

We checked all houses and there are no chinese lamps at all in any of the houses around.

And if it was a lamp, how can it project exactly on that spot (with no lamps around outside nor inside of any houses)?

Oh! And as mentioned, if it was a lamp projection I should have seen it too (but there was no lion shape in the ground in my screen), and I was standing next to my partner.

The projection is from a light source, and lighting looks different on each game client, especially if you have different graphics settings. If you compare your screenshots to hers in the initial post, you’ll notice that everything looks different, not just the visibility of the projection.

In this case it looks like some combination of different lighting/shadow quality settings, and possibly you having your in-game brightness set so high that dark areas aren’t even visible.

Looking different is not the same as not seeing the projection at all.

My graphics settings are high quality, same as her’s, and my brightness configuration is normal.

And again, in my screenshot is not that projection looks different, it’s just not showing.

By the way, if it’s a chinese lamp, could someone please post a picture or link to see what lamp is it?

Lunar Tiger Shadowbox - Item - New World Database (nwdb.info)


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For me personaly even every change of drivers make the game look slightly differ.

Thank you! Marked as solved. :slightly_smiling_face:

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