What will happen with scheduled wars?

We have war at 8PM(UTC-3) and the update is scheduled to end at the same time the war starts, what will happen ? will the war be canceled and the gold returned ?

your war will happen on time, but nobody will slot if nobody is logged in yet.
I dont believe anyone has ever gotten their gold or influence back because of this

Be careful, the end of the update window is not when people can actually get back on your server. It may be back up before that posted time, letting players in and slotting them into a war vs nobody on your team. You need to make sure you have 50+ players spamming connect before the 15 minute war pull, just to be sure that if the server is up, you get them logged in and into the war.

I have seen it happen before that people lost a territory because the war actually happened during the update window, and some people were able to log in right when the server actually came up and win a war with a couple people vs an empty roster of the other guys who were waiting for the window to end to log on.

hopefully you have good comms with your roster

Happened when they patch on Friday night last patch . All wars are cancelled and you get nothing back. ( automatic defender win )

We have the board completed with everyone that needs to sign in, but some people have slow internet and might not be able to download the patch in time, that’s why I’m asking, thank you guys for the answer.
@Luxendra or any other staff can answer this so we can plan for this ?

Wars are canceled and the attackers will receive their declaration coin back.

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Just the wars at the time of the update or any war that happens near the update ? like my example?

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