What Would You Need to Return to New World?

As someone that has many hours invested in this game and very much enjoyed my time playing it, these are some things that I find important for me to return. I know many of these things are currently in development. For some things we have silence and perhaps it would be nice to hear about what the plan is, perhaps before myself and whatever playerbase I represent (haha) gets pulled into another game and we stop checking these forums for updates.

Obviously don’t need all of these things haha. No idea what my threshold is but some of these items definitely are worth more points than others.

Give the Open World Experience Some Love

The Open World is really where this game shines.* Yeah instanced content is an important tool for any MMO developer but that’s not what drew many of us into this game. The most consistent praise this game has received in Reddit and these forums has been it’s visuals and sound design and just how easy it is to get immersed into the open world.

I would probably return immediately if this was to be implemented, even without everything else. How cool would it be if the open world had static resource nodes, but also nodes that can spawn off a spawn table (like a loot table). So you can stumble upon extra ores, trees, and resources but also treasure maps, abandoned caravans, rare mobs, single loot treasure chests, and even star metal meteor events. This game needs to reward exploring the open world beyond the first pass. And beyond the “solved” optimized resource loops. They have attempted to do some of this with randomized encounters. Unfortunately it’s the same encounters in the exact same locations each time.

Had a thread I bumped for 9 months on this topic here if you want any details on how it would work:

Release Gold Standard Features

  • Gear Sets
  • Weapon Skill Tree Loadouts
  • Storage/Banking System designed for previous version of the game and has but been updated to match MMO Goldstandard. Grossly outdated and very limited functioning and ability to search for items/sort and limited space. Should remove weight restriction and base is entirely on unique item limit, that or at least the other way around. My understanding is that it doesn’t take up more space if you have 1 of an item in a slot or a stack of 10,000
  • Transmog System
  • Ability to Change Character Appearance
  • Ranked Matchmaking System
  • Cross Server Matchmaking Gold Standard due to server size, while other MMOs have enough population to manage all of the other required features without it.
  • Raids
  • Player stat page
  • I probably forgot something big… So goes here. Feel free to comment. Feel free to suggest removing from gold standard list. No not every MMO needs to have the same things, but we also should be learning from decades of experience when we can.

Important Features, not Gold Standard

  • Company Storage
  • Company Housing

Update Limited Functioning Features/Stale Content

  • Group Finder. It’s definitely improved now that we can see the number of players in each difficulty level but definitely very limited still.
  • Trading Post. It was designed for previous version of the game. Feels excessively limited.
  • Achievement System - It’s been broken since launch but desperately needs a rework. New things added. Cosmetic rewards.
  • Townboards
  • Territory Standing, was promised that it was being revamped a year ago and that we would get a free reset when gathering speed was giving gathering yield bonuses and people invested accordingly. Most people assumed it was a typo given it wouldn’t have sense to have coded it that way on accident. Still waiting on this promise.
  • Corruption Breaches
  • Provide Tools for Player Content - Why can’t we flag against our own company yet? It would make for some really fun events. War scrimmages now that it’s instanced anyways. Why is it so hard to create an event where everyone are naked hatchet user zombies all charging the fort with 5 CON musket users? This game would seriously benefit from creating more opportunities for emergent gameplay.
  • Storage/Banking System, I do not feel it belongs here and still belongs in the above section since we are still functioning on a system made for essentially a Rust sandbox game and not an MMO. We are still operating on them linking the storages near release. It is far from being an MMO Gold Standard feature.

Fix the long-standing bugs/player friction points

  • Elite chests not giving above iron arrows. (since release)
  • Arcane Stockpiles not giving above regular motes. (since release)
  • Trophy System, not allowing us to just place all trophies and choose what is active in the Bio tab or just let them all be active at once. (since release)
  • Achievement System (Many remain broken/unobtainable since release)
  • Lore Pages - Will acknowledge that have definitely improved this and thank them for the work! Still is frustrating to see broken pages.
  • Encumbrance Music Buff - Probably not important to anyone else haha, but for some reason this bothers me. Somehow we had a PTR, multiple patch notes, and release notes all saying it gives +200 to +1000 encumbrance yet it’s +20 to +100 in live. This has yet to be addressed.
  • Mages not being particularly strong in PVE settings - C’mon, fire mages should be highest tier in all Genesis runs!
  • Healing role needs more options
  • Separating PVE and PVP Balance
  • Regular Monthly Balance Changes. There is no such thing as ever achieving balance in a game. This forum would have complaints even if it was healthy. But there should be monthly balance updates to keep a healthy meta. I say this as someone that prefers mostly PVE content, but that’s really the gold standard in other games is frequent updates.
  • Different color healing circles/ally damage spells

Changes in Developer Behavior

  • I will say that I do really like the devs for this game and do think they are working really hard. They also have been doing a much better job communicating and the game has improved significantly since release. With that said there are a few things I would love to see changed.
  • Listening to PTR feedback. I totally understand that you have listened to some PTR feedback. The issue is that, I’m not sure if I’ve experienced a PTR release that felt like the main concerns/bugs/exploits were addressed. More often than not it felt like the PTR was more of a formality and known bugs/exploits were pushed out regardless. That or just the feel of enjoyment of upcoming content is often ignored as well. This is not including bugs/exploits that were not found by the playerbase during testing. That stuff is unfortunately unavoidable at times.
  • Hype. I feel like we would really benefit from sneak peaks at upcoming content more. Concept art. Etc. We are definitely getting more of this but for instance, we have no idea if there are are significant changes to the open world coming up. What of the hopefully inevitable storage update? Gear Sets? Maybe I can replace the word hype with hope instead? Maybe we just need more hope for the future of the game I guess.
  • Personal thing here but think the Fresh Start Server release was a disaster. We didn’t retain those players long-term and you lost a ton of trust from your most loyal players. Would love this to be addressed instead of a “no regrets” approach. The game doesn’t need a split playerbase right now this really into development.


  • Would love to see increased plant and wildlife diversity in this game. Also dynamic weather would be amazing but this is less, I would like to see this to return to the game and more a wishlist. Hippos being very important though.

I’ll keep updating some things. Obviously don’t need all of these things but are things that would definitely make it more likely.

Hippos being SSS tier item though.


Some of the things probably are not that important to me such as regular PVP balancing, since I’m not really a strong PVP player. I am PVX with a pretty strong PVE skew. Most of this is what would bring me back but I did kinda extend a little further into the generic playerbase. I might move that down here instead or maybe just make this a generic list for many different types of players that would consider returning.

I will say 2 very strong notable omissions would be:

  • New OPR map, despite the devs miscalculations, at least based on Dave’s response. For the effort required it actually would be much higher impact than they think. I would personally enjoy it but, don’t think that would bring me back given I’m more PVE focused.

  • New PVP modes. This game for wanting to be a strong PVP focus game really lacks having more modes. Again from a dev perspective this game is not designed well for this without cross server implementation. We already have difficulty with OPR queues. It would be troublesome to split up the queues any further. Again. This game is unique with it’s very small server sizes. As a result cross server functionality should have been there on release.

Anyways, anything I’m missing on the overall list? Anything you would need to return to the game? Things you would like to see before your return, for those like myself that still are on the forums but no longer playing the game?

Since I’ve not pinged to much recently thought maybe I’ll throw in a @Kay @Aenwyn @Lane

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This issue to be taken care of before it’s too late.

Great post!

It’s not just that, the animation for heavy attacks for the fire staff looks shaky while standing and need to be replaced with the smooth animations form the fire weapon’s light/heavy attacks while moving, they feel much smoother. Or, simply take the animations from the life staff’s light.heavy attacks and re-use them for the fire staff.

Fun pvp content. Open world pvp zones with auto-flag and/or pvp world events. A pvp vendor that lets u buy bis pvp gear for azoth salt.

Ranked arena.

More OpR maps.

More arena maps.

More frequent weapon balance patches.


The open world PvP zones should probably be added as part of an expansion where islands get added with a boats system and swimming with some kind of under water content, like diving/hunting for gatherables/treasure only found under water, with “dive hunting” being the new profession. The islands would be the always-on PvP zones.

The current world zones could have some skirmish PvP activity around an overhauled territory control system when working on influence, with the whole thing changing from company vs company to an alliance of companies of a single faction vs another faction’s alliance of companies with a war campaign lasting several days, ending over a week long worth of battles involving as many people on the server as possible and whoever wins more battles wins the war.

This would also make it so Wars can be played against players from another server using cross server tech and not necessarily having to have all players of a faction come from your own server.

Yeah all of that sounds really nice but we will never see that in this gamee tho.

It took them 2 years to make brimstone… it’ll be 2046 before we get new Islands and ships and swimming.

Not if they realize how awesome the game’s foundation is by you reminding them of that fact instead of continuing to shit on them like a spoiled entitled child.


Been trying. Im tired.

They’re gonna spend a whole year making ui features instead of new content bro… like …

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You need to get a life and let things take however long they need to. The world does not revolve around you.


Hogwarts Legacy releases Feb 10, I dont think AGS can add the features I want to continue to play within that timeframe.

  • T4 Houses can have 15 trophies, or switchable in the menu.

  • Better storage system.

  • Fix Glyph Stone drops. Some
    Mobs dont even drop them, or no mobs spawned (Night Glyph).

  • Better material gathering system, waiting for a Wyrdwood tree to regrown after 34 minutes - no thanks.

  • And many other Quality of life improvements that I cant even bother to write…

Yay, a game where I get to play with me myself and I that I’m gonna end up finishing in two days then deleting to make up room for the next single player game.

You said it yourself bro. AGS needs time to implement the stuff. Realisticly it will take 1-2 years before the games content is fleshed out. This is not me being a hater this is reality.

Currently there are 4 endgame activities you can do at any time. Expeditions, chestruns, OpR/arena and gathering/crafting. Then occasionally you can do wars.

People who played since launch or even played for just half a year are getting bored. So they will gravitate towards other games while NW is waiting for content updates.

For the majority i know they will play Hogwarts and/or warlander while they wait for throne and liberty. Most are just waiting for ashes of creation which has an alpha starting sometime this year and will stay up until the game launches.

Maybe people will come back to nw in a year’s time or 2 years time when there is more content, maybe they won’t.

I think AGS are playing their cards poorly, they’re not prioritizing what is important and as a result they are losing tens of thousands of players on a monthly basis currently.

That is the reality of what is happening.

Very subjective take on things. Ashes is nothing but ashes. The other games are either single player or don’t / cannot compete with New World being the only true action mmo that requires skill not just in aiming, but coming up with a winning strategy/build and executing it perfectly most of the time. No other game comes close, not the ones currently available to play nor the ones listed below currently in development will be able to recreate the same look and feel of NW’s immersive world.

The biggest missed opportunity in the short term from a PvE perspective is them not making a simple UI change that would allow players not flagged for PvP to have all of their 6 skills come from a single weapon, and have it revert back to the OP 2-weapon system when flagged for PvP.

That alone can make the biggest difference in the moment to moment PVE experience and can finally put the RPG in the “mmorpg” for this game…but the devs don’t seem to see things the same way…so, it is their loss, literally, losing money time and effort creating any PVE content has made, and will make no difference and will continue to fail at bringing PVE players to the game for the simple reason that combat in PVE lacks any RPG feel to it due to not being able to specialize in a single weapon.

  1. Soulframe
  2. Archeage 2
  3. Throne and liberty
  4. Project E (2nd Throne and Liberty with an Asian theme)
  5. League of legends MMO
  6. Blue protocol
  7. Ares: rise of guardians
  8. Bellatores
  9. Dune survival MMO
  10. Palia
  11. Honor of Kings: World
  12. Crimson Desert
  13. Project LLL
  14. Horizon Online
  15. The First Descendent
  16. Legend of YMIR
  17. Night Crows
  18. Pioner
  19. Rooted
  20. Rise NXN
  21. Playable Worlds MMO
  22. Arise of Awakener
  23. The Day Before
  24. The Witcher MMO lite
  25. Chrono Odyssey
  26. Ark 2
  27. Wayfinder
  28. Dragon sword
  29. Skull & Bones
  30. Archage War
  31. Overwatch 2 PVE mode
  32. PoE 2
  33. D4
  34. Where Winds Meet
  35. Tarisland

Oh man. There are definitely others. Even elden ring is more difficult and requires more skill.

And as for the hardest, true action combat game with the highest skill ceiling in the world DEMANDING perfect execution. that would be naraka. And no other game comes even remotely close.

New world is a casual friendly game bro. The action combat is good at its core but has derived into CC chaining combat where the way to win is to completely disable your opponents keyboard control and burst them when they are defenseless.

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You cannot compare Elden Ring, a game played by 99% of those who own it as a single player game and has no large group pvp experiences, has busted hack-like builds and gamebreaking bugs that allow you to one shot the most difficult bosses. Same thing with the game video you posted above for this battle royale game.

Why not? Elden ring has an active PvP scene and they just released the dueling arenas. Even elden ring is smart enough to know that 1v1 is fun content in an action combat game. It takes less than 1 minute to find a match at any given time of the day.

As for naraka, it has more than twice the ammount of players than new world. So I dont know how unknown it is bro.
New World - Steam Charts NW 24h peak is 38k with -61% players lost in the past 60 days.
NARAKA: BLADEPOINT - Steam Charts Naraka 24h peak was 81k with stabile numbers month to month.

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Nobody cares about the coliseum in Elden Ring, nobody even sees the game as a viable PvP option. Its combat is totally broken, nothing can counter anything. It’s all about luck and how much time spent hacking around…etc.

Naraka is a cheap, fast paced Chinese battle royale…

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You said new world had the highest skill ceiling of any action comabt game and I had to educate you. That is by far naraka.

Mastering the combos and the animation canceling and managing your stamina to maintain iframes is something that takes a very long time to master. Even shroud gave up on the game and said it was way too hard.

To say that new world is the most skill based and most difficult action combat game really highlights how you have very little experience playing action combat games. I bet NW is your first and only action combat game.

Nw doesnt have a true rock paper scissors combat. If it did then we wouldnt have all these balancing and nerfing topics rise up all the time. If everything could be punished and outplayed then the game would be a great action combat game.

in naraka the light attacks will stagger, but charging heavys gives you grit, but heavy attacks can be parried which disarms the opponent and their weapon is dropped on the floor. Everything has a risk and can be punished and you have microseconds to decide what to do and outplay your opponent. You can animation cancel everything so you can fake out parries and cancel a heavy into a light and land a stagger. The combat is really neuanced and the skill ceiling is through the roof.

In new world, get 300 str, equip a hammer and go spam aoe stuns and unga bunga. Or you can equip a spear and a bow, ranged stun and stagger and nuke them with explosive arrows that deal 50% of their health requires no skill at all. a dog could do it.

Oh and on a side note. In narak there is a musket. But it is not a hitscan weapon, in naraka the musket has a pretty slow projectile and landing shots with it is extremely hard and unless u land headshots it wont deal much damage. And since you have such extreme mobility in that game it makes it even harder. But even naraka devs are smart enough to know that hitscan weapons have no place in an action combat game.

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