Whatever happened to Corrupted Arena?

With the PvP arenas being added soon, it reminded me of content from the past. In the earlier builds, you could access a PvE corrupted arena near the myrkgard cathedral. You fought a Corrupted Spriggan.

Right now we have;

  • 2x Angry Earth arenas
  • 1x Lost arena
  • No Ancient arena
  • No Corrupted arena
  • No Beast arena
  • No Human arena ( Varangian are human type )

It would be nice if we had at least 1 PvE arena of each type. There already exists a quest-related arena where you fight some corrupted, but it’s not the same.

Any chance we could, at the very least, get the corrupted arena reinstated?

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Edit: Woops, uhh dunno how that got posted.

Anyways, I think the corrupted Arena was repurposed into the 3v3 Arena.

3v3 Arena is surrounded by corruption. ya’know?

I don’t think we’re talking about the same thing

Corrupted sprigan doesn’t have enough mechanics to be a arena boss and is way too easy

Also you already fight one in tempest

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It was already an arena, just wondering why it was never added back ( it existed before tempest )

Also the arena in Edengrove is a spriggan, I think they can have enough abilities to warrant being an arena boss, I mean, the arena boss in Eternal Pools barely has any mechanics to it. We don’t need a dungeon boss level of complexity for it - just would be nice to have more options instead of just running Sirens two times a day

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