Whats the best way to turn faction tokens into coin?

Now and after next patch?

I’m a bit oblivious in this area. Thanks for any advice.

Next patch they will make the chisel available to sell, so might be an idea to stock up on those. I’m gonna try that at least. :+1:

Chisels and runes. It’s pretty clear that these make insane coin for the least amount of time invested

Check the price of grand runes of holding on your trading post. you can buy one from the faction vendor for 1500 gold if I remember right. I believe they cost 7000 faction tokens.

Anyway I haven’t checked the prices lately but a few weeks ago they were selling for 2000 gold or more. I have bought them myself for around 2k. You won’t get rich and there may be better ways but that one is usable.

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