What's the deal about GS 600 shields

I need a GS 600+ shield. And not sure how to best go about it and if there are actually 600? / Legendary? / 4-perk shields?

I’ve not ever seen a GS 600 shield on trade post. Do they exist?
I also heard conflicting info about how they aren’t legendary or rather are legendary but have 3 perks like epic shields?

Basically, I want to know how often I should ask a weaponsmith to attempt to craft a legendary 600 shield for me. Because if there is none, then I’ll tell him to stop pretty soon.

Ive gotten tons of 600gs shield drops, but they are never legendary despite having 3 perks.

I have seen one screenshot of a legendary shield, it could have been patched out of the game, but it had 4 perks.

I had 2 legendary shield drops. They usually are purple but legendaries do drop 100%

Tower shields do not drop as legendary anymore but kiteshields do. If youre willing to use umbral shards then 590 tower shield is equally as good then 600 is. Kite shields do drop legendary and they can get fortify on crit and such so sometimes depending on build it might outshine tower shield even with heavy gear

FWIW I also noticed that kite shields can have refreshing move, while tower shields cannot.

I saw a 600 GS round shield on our auction with 4 perks last week. They exist but really rare since they can’t be crafted that way, has to be a drop. It’s a shame they can’t be crafted legendary, maybe one day.

The only legendary Tower Shield I’ve ever found is listed on the nw db page. It comes from a recipe that itself comes from a pattern that drops from a 3 star weaponsmithing rewards chest.

That’s probably why you haven’t seen one. I’m not sure if this crafted shield is BoP or BoE so there’s also that restriction if it applies.

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