What's the difference?

This was confusing me so I thought I’d ask here…

So Im just starting up the game and trying to figure out what’s the difference between world’s and world sets. And do I need to be in the same world or set to play with my friend? If I make a character in the same world set can I go to his world?

You can only play with your friend if you’re both on the same world.
And you can only have one character per world set.

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but can the one character move between world in the same world set?

like a treat the world set as a country and the worlds as towns inside of it almost? so If i make a character in one and i wanted to play with a friend id just have to go to his world or vise versa. but i cant take that character to a different world set?

No, think of it more as a galaxy. The planets would be individual servers. If you and your friend are on different planets,butyou both belong in the same galaxy (worldset), then you don’t have any way to travel to pluto… not yet at least. Not to mention, there’s only one of you in this galaxy, but you can have another you in another galaxy.

so if hes in a high population world the only way to play with him is to queue into that full server?

Yep, unfortunately. Unless he’s keen to start anew somewhere else.

theres not a option to join his world after I make a character in the same world set?

You have to delete your other character in the worldset. You can’t have any character’s in any other server in your Worldset except the one you have characters in.

this is freaking confusing, why not just make it to where the character can go to any world in that world set

Because the world sets only exist for the sole purpose of merging servers in the future without the chance of having to force you to choose 1 character since you can only have 1 per server.
Because the whole conquering territory thing doesn’t work if you can freely move between servers/have instances.

Seems to me simply labeling a character as a guest (on a particular server) would allow for filtering out their contributions (or preventing it all together) as not to screw with conquering territory. I’d start with no PvP, and loosen restrictions slowly to ensure there is no negative impact on the territory / faction based gameplay. People just want to play with their friends (or play, like at all).

That seems to me like it would make the problem even worse…specially with all the moving around.

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