Whats the plan for New World?

This is a serious question for development and community managers. What is your guys’ plan? This game is bleeding people daily, and no one knows what’s in store for the future. I feel like there is no light at the end of the tunnel. I’ve been playing since launch (a little before because of Beta)and I’m just not seeing anything that is going to keep a population going. Can you guys please communicate with the group that’s left and let us know what your short term plans are for this game to turn it around? A 3 month roadmap would go a long way at this point. I’m not speaking for the community but I get the vibe that many think the same way I do; that there is no future here.

Plan is to shut it down once Lost Ark comes out.

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you know man, there was a time where I’d have scoffed at that.

AGS slowly sucking the life out of the players so they can justify the shutdown when the playerbase dwindles.

Yep. Im sapped. 1k hours now. I wish they’d just do it. Take a hammer to the server and start over in a year or so with new world 2.0. They’re looking at a huge uphill battle regaining trust though.

plan is to get the instant grab cash from your pocket when they sell it, and run with it. MISSION COMPLETED

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