Whats the point in grinding when everything is devalued instantly

Game is messed up forever tbh, theres a huge chasm between those who duped to hundreds of thousands of gold + maxed profession + a massive inventory full of the most expensive items and those who grind hours every evening trying to get one stacked deck. Youre never gonna catch up as a normal player. In WoW that would be less of an issue but in new world you can almost buy every single item for gold + consumables make a massive difference.

The whole point of the game is farming and grinding but without the reward part, because the reward has been completely reduced by giving it to plenty people for free

Sad news, even the popular MMO like wow and ff14 have dupers at early stages, people just moved on and believed that they got banned and cleared the duped items

All the smart Dupers maxed out a bunch of crafts. So they will continue to profit for some time, off crafting.
This is why those accounts should of been deleted.

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Don’t know about wow, but in early stages of ff14 there was nothing one would have wanted to dupe. Crafting mats were useless (crafting didn’t produce anything useful), gear that players wanted came from the dungeons (Coil mostly) and was BoP, and gold was equally useless (with BiS gear being BoP, there was nothing to buy.
It was actually a very interesting design - no economy to speak of, but also no RMT or economy-related cheating either. If you wanted gear, you had to run the content. There was no other way.

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If the gold duping and other exploits is really as bad as its made out to be on the forums then a hard server reset is probably the only solution unless they can track literally every log of transfer of item/gold and identify whats duped and whats real…

It is that bad. Problem with server wipe idea is that game is grindy as hell, so I can’t imagine anybody willing to go through that again.

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