What's the point of leaving the game so unbalanced?

Since the first day of this game, unbalanced things have been all around Aeternum.
In this post I’ll talk about the hatchet and about the comparison between different types of armors.
Lets start with the hatchet.

  • Hatchet has been the worst broken weapon together with the life staff. It is something everyone are aware of, and the life staff nerf finally arrived, which is good because it means that someone is listening.
    But what about hatchet?
    Watching a pvp of an hatchet user against someone else(for instance, a player using rapier and spear), you will see from a side, a great show off of skills based on dodges, attacks timing, skills cycle and reactions.
    From the other side you will see someone that will LITERALLY only light attack smashing. This will drive the fight to two scenarios: either the hatchet user is loosing, or winning. If it’s winning, that’s it, it’s game. If he’s loosing, he will pop up berserk, increasing damage, having grit to EVERYTHING and healing himself. You may be wondering: “wow neat! This hatchet player has phases like a boss! Now does his strategy change?” No. It will keep on light attack you.
    So my question is: why keeping a weapon that is so deeply not-skilled-based-yet-efficient in game?
    We have weapons like the bow that requires you to aim in movement to the head of an enemy(with a very precise hitbox, kudos to new world!), keeping into consideration the enemy’s movements too, combined with the gravity that afflict the arrow.
    I mean… it’s ok to have less-skilled-based weapons, we can’t pretend to have all super skilled players. But at least, for god’s sake, let’s at least nerf it. Lets actually REWARD skilled players. At the moment, if we consider two players with the same “level of skill”, the hatchet user will win against every weapon.
    Isn’t this the definition of “overpowered”? When the void gauntlet was announced and tested in the PTR, everyone talked about such weapon as the “anti hatchet player”. When a new, diversified weapon comes out and is named as the “anti-something”, that “something” IS BROKEN. Please devs, listen to the community, you have been doing a great job so far, keep up the good work from the feedback side.
    (check the post scriptum!)

  • Now about weapons. I’ll be less verbose. Another common, known issue among players is the unbalance between types of armors. If you pick two players with the same setup of equipment, but equipping the player A with a heavy armor set, and the player B with a light set. You will see how, through stun chains and stuff, the light player will absolutely have no way of winning, if tested at the best of 10. Of course sometime, the light player may win, but statistically talking, the heavy armor is overall best.
    This is for the 1v1. What about in a X vs X scenario?
    All the active hardcore players know that there IS NO POINT AT ALL to join a war without a heavy armor set: this is the meta, after all, isn’t it?

Combining the first and second point we obtain the meta as it is now: full heavy armor with hatchet and something else as a flavour. The meta is NOT DIVERSIFIED. And this is a shame, something that should be addressed!

So the final thought is… what’s the point of leaving the game so unbalanced? Why aren’t the devs addressing such unbalanced assets? It’s been a while since the endgame has been reached, and now they have more than enough data to draw conclusions. What we obtained so far was a decrement of the healing from the life staff(because previously the meta was hatchet, life staff in heavy armor… cof cof), and other debatable nerf like the one to the ice gauntlet(???), but no nerf towards other problem sources like the damn hatchet or the non-sensly powerful heavy armor set.

ps. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that every minute the hatchet user cannot die. KEKW


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