Whats the system behind wars to prevent imbalance?

Maybe I’m not understanding the current system correctly, but what prevents one strong company from controlling all territories / wars at the same time?

You can set the war times at different times for each territory > so one company can fight all the wars.

You set members for each fight and they don’t have to be from your company > So even if you only have 5 players in your company, you can make a deal with the strongest company to fight for you and fill out the whole war team with them.

Right now on our server it starts to look like one company with the strongest pvp players will control who is getting which territory. They owned the main trading city the whole time and thus made a lot of coins and equipped all their players with the best gear.

Why is there no rule that there need to be like 80-90% guild member in your team for war? (and of course a rule that you can’t switch guilds for 14 days after you leave)

Or was the whole system intended this way?


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