Whats your in-game gold money making tips

I sell everything I craft, 3 days max,
I sell everything I harvest, 3 days max
I sell all blues/greens/drops 3 days max
whatever doesnt sell I salvage

What are some items you find collecting outputs the most gold on your server?
Mines starmetal ingots currently. I just hit 20k gold but have yet to purchase a house or anything of that nature.


I’ve also noticed fishing is really good money, I’ve just been rotating fishing hotspots.

I like to play the market boards, but you have to travel to different cities to do it well because every city (on my server at least) seems to have drastically differing prices and needs.

People need to learn how to use the in-game market. Stuff like selecting the filter to “Show all locations” when buying/selling its pretty useful. You can go to towns that your resource costs more $ and sell them there.

I have heard fishing is good money, just time consuming. Although, I haven’t tried fishing yet. What is good money out of it? Selling the fish? Or are you crafting something, then selling it?

If you are really strapped for coin make sure you are using the buy orders. Its an instant purchase usually at a pretty significant discount for the buying but can get you some immediate income.

Very true, common healing potions sell for 10g in monarchs bluff while at the same time they sell for 20g in everfall.
Yet strong healing potions sell for 50% of the common ones everywhere… Not sure how that makes sense

Can you share some of your findings regarding less populated towns? for me it seemed like anything that isn’t everfall and windsward is a ghost town, but there could be something of value out there :smiley:

zj’s and flashing

There is no reason to spend gold while lvling. So I’m saving. I’m lvl 28 And I have 9k gold. I don’t sell either. There are too many sellers atm. I think I’ll be able to sell my stuff later for more.

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