What's your PvP Dex Build?

I’m running a PvP Dex build that is Musket + Hatchet, but am finding that many of my open world fights start at such a close range that aiming down the sights of my musket is impractical and I just run hatchet for the whole fight. Are you a Dex focused PvP player (or even PvE, I don’t much mind)? If so I want to hear what weapons and masteries you are rocking.

Dawl of Monarch’s Bluffs

I run a hybrid dex tank type build, sword shield, spear.

4 CC abilities.

Not a lot of chase, but i find it fun for a mix of scenarios except for wars.


I run Musket/Hatchet as well. Both weapons have their moments in PvP but the musket is extremely situational 1v1.

If I see someone and they don’t see me, I’ll load up Power Shot and sneak as close as I can. I found if you hit them too far away they just simply run. (And we all have been in those awkward pvp battles where its just one dude chasing the other back to town. Yawn.) I follow that up immediately with the leaping 2 swing (forget name), hoping for a back hit to root them. If the root misses I roll back, switching to musket and pop my trap. If they start running I fire away, if they hit the trap I fire, dodge (auto reloads) and hip fire. If they miss the trap or break it or I miss my initial trap shot, I roll back into hatchet and berserk spam. Once I go into that 2nd hatchet I’m basically all in.

If they see me first, I let them make the first move as most people just spam for fast immediate damage. If they miss a bunch of skills I berserk in. If they hit anything I double roll into my musket placing my traps. If they hit a trap. I shoot them to get my health back. Once i know I’m up on skills while theirs are on CD, I go in for the quick kill. Berserk-triple light-leaping 2 hit.

If it’s 1v2+? I just spam berserk and run. Dodge roll 3x and berserk is ready again. There aren’t many mobilities that can keep up. I don’t really do multiple encounters in the wild.

Now in group PvP? I’m almost constantly holding my musket, looking for healers or fire staff. While sticking to my healer. If someone tried to melee them I switch to hatchet and spam everything.

Hatchet/Musket def. isn’t the most efficient use of a dex build but I personally win more than I lose. That being said, hatchet animations are kind of like swinging a wet noodle around so I’m considering switching to INT build and going Rapier/Ice Gauntlet.

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I’m running musket rapier. Have power burn, shooters stance, trap with the musket and all grace tree with the rapier.

I find it extremely effective in PvP, I’m able to maintain distance pretty well with the musket speed passives and crippling powder burn. Can put out massive damage with rapier when the engagement occurs too.

Been able to 1v1 people as much as 28 levels above me, and regularly win 1vn for small n. Really good build, strong and fun to play. My only complaint is the competing interests of musket and rapier in terms of mouse sensitivity. Would like to be able to associate a different sensitivity with each weapon, since one needs very low and one needs very high.

Just to point it out, you shouldn’t be loading up powder burn when you see someone, you should already have it loaded. Always load between fights.

Also for runners shooters stance is a game changer. For very long range ganks I start from shooters stance and can often down them before they’re able to break LoS.

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I love that you can load shots pre-fight

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I guess it’s also worth pointing the bugs with musket.

First and foremost the reload bug, at times the musket will refuse to reload, completely disabling the weapon and screwing you over entirely. If you’re prone to raging when things get unfair, don’t use the musket.

Also musket dodge roll only goes about 80% the distance of dodging with other weapons, making it relatively less mobile.

Still an excellent weapon but I’d love to see those bugs fixed, and if that really irks you maybe consider fire staff or bow for your ranged weapon.

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Thanks for the input, everyone. I’m currently just running all three overload shots on my musket, perhaps I should try out traps for the root.

@Cirok your quad cc build was quite interesting as well. My other account is a sword and shield primary so perhaps I should try a spear on him.

Dawl of Monarch’s Bluffs

You’ll rarely actually land the root, but the trap allows you to place an obstacle you can play around. When you can actually catch people with it its amazing, especially if you have the healing from trapped enemies passives. Best case scenario is trap them and engage with rapier (hard to time this though). You can heal through pretty much anything while rapier spamming a trapped enemy, so you’ll probably be on full hp when the trap runs out.

Hatchet seems pretty good too though, but I don’t see it synergising nearly as well with the musket. Rapier excels in short and sweet melee engagements where you just dump out insane damage over a couple of seconds and then disengage and swap back to musket.

@drawl thanks! Good luck.

Not to disagree but I hit my trap constantly. It’s a matter of watching the player react and catching just a bit of luck. I do think the radius should be just a “smidge” larger though.

Yeah nah that’s fair. I’ve actually gotten the hang of it a lot more since I posted that and land it way more often.

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I used to be a greataxe/hatchet main but it always annoyed me that people could just run away and pop a potion and I really couldn’t do anything about it.

Now I am a dex build that is spear/bow. I love it.


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Thanks for sharing your Spear/Bow build! My last three PvP deaths have all come at the tips of Syndicate spears! I haven’t played spear since one of the earlier tests, so maybe it is time for a revisit!

Dawl of Monarch’s Bluffs

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