When 95% of feedback is negative, they need to start listening!

Too many issues w/the way the game “works” and or bugs or design flaws.

If they don’t work fast to assure us fixes and changes are coming, this game is gonna tank.

I’m concerned, and so are most players I see posting here on the forums.

AGS please tell us u get it and are working on changes for the better of NW.

Worst economy, worst fashion, worst quest progression, worst clunky heal targeting, I could go on and on, just look at all the valid posts pointing out the major issues in this game. Plus all the bugs not fixed since alpha, and auto banning is real, and ruining pvp, + the invincible exploit.

What am i missing? A lot! So help fill in the other problems, maybe if we are loud they’ll fix this train wreak.


Maybe people need to calm down… damn this game isn´t even released a month and people complained about endgame content in the first week. All I see is a bunch of unemployes who have to much time to play the game and complain about everything.

Yeah sure the game has bugs and some things could be better and also some things aren´t fixed but damn this is AGS first succesfull released game! Give them time to get the hang of it.

Also there is nothing like 95% of negative feedback! If this was true, nobody would play this game. People freakin love this game and can oversee minor issues.



That’s the problem, the game was delayed so many times and even with that, we get this “game”? They have no excuse, the game has a lot of bugs since the beta they could have fixed yet because we all told them what to do, they have a lot of time to fix them and they sold us an unfinished game, this is just same shit as nowadays in the game industry, selling unfinished games, and after 1 or 2 years they sell you an expansion / dlc with the actual game finished… It’s so dissapointing.


Will there be enough players around still by that time? I’ll be playing a better mmo by then, maybe aoc…

An article on ags sums up the problems w/nw well.

“According to numerous current and former employees of Frazzini’s game studios, he continuously ignored much of the advice given by these experienced developers, and despite frequently telling the staff that every Amazon game should be a “billion-dollar franchise,” he would then understaff projects.”


Feedback is inherently “negative” in the sense it’s meant to improve the game.

Secondly, satisfied players don’t often post on the forums.

This game is nowhere near dead.


Of course, patience eventually wears thin when somehow no publisher can manage to bring a halfway polished and well thought out game to market. We’re not in the 2000s anymore, where no one really knew in which direction the genre would develop. We’re in the 2020s and there’s enough experience on the market. It’s just the trend of the money vultures to sell raw diamonds as polished ones.

  1. Look at other mmo forums, it’s a lot about builds etc not as much negative as on here. So yes and no. And that doesn’t excuse all the issues and bad design of the game.

  2. Not true, u want me to site posts? Are u satisfied? Please tell us. If u r, then u just fibbed, if u r not, then contribute to this post like I asked by telling us your problems with the game! Many satisfied fanboys post here, just read all the excuses they use to defend this train wreak.

  3. Not yet, I’ll check this post in a year. I hope I’m wrong. If I’m right, the pop will never come back to what it was.

Here are some of those satisfied posters u say don’t exist. But the % stays highly negative!

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You win, on two fronts. Yes, there are positive posters - I shouldn’t have used the word “don’t post” and instead should have used “don’t often post” And yes, I’m one that’s not shy in voicing my joy for the game. Finally, the last bone I’ll throw you is that I wish AGS had more capacity to communicate with us on what they’re working on.

Nonetheless, you’re implying that 95% negative feedback on the feedback forums equates to 95% of the player base being unsatisfied with the game - and the implication that if they don’t fix it the game is dead. It’s simply not the case. The game has its flaws, sure, and their hype is exacerbated by the fact that arm-chair quarterback critics are INSATIABLE in what they demand out of a game. But hidden behind all that is a game/design that has a lot it’s doing well.

If you want folks to take your post seriously, stop saying things like:

and instead offer some fresh articulation on what exactly you think is wrong with these things and what suggestions you have to fix them.

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Oh and I forgot this in my other post, “Lumberyard is killing this company.” Said an AGS employee. - Bloomberg - Are you a robot?

So that explains why fixes/changes are so few and so slow to manifest.

The engine itself has major lag time. New World - "Lumberyard Is Killing This Company" - Amazon Game Studios 2021 - YouTube

Lumberyard became a bogeyman around the office. Some features required esoteric commands to function, and the system was painfully slow. Developers played Halo or watched Amazon Prime Video while waiting for Lumberyard to process art or compile code, several former employees say. A common refrain around the office, according to a former employee: “Lumberyard is killing this company.” - BBN

This means the game will continually struggle compared to other mmos. Bail now.

“This story is based on interviews with more than 30 current and former Amazon employees, most of whom spoke under the condition of anonymity citing fears of litigation or career repercussions.” - BBN See previous link.

Cancelled games by AGS = LOTR, A racing game, Crucible, Other “unannounced titles”.

The corporate overlords may be holding down game devs from making something of creative worth along w/a horrific engine. If so, I feel horrible 4 them.

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U have fallen down the hole of hypocrisy again. Where is your fresh articulation?

That’s how u freshly articulate why u like the game?!? Look inward before u throw stones!

U just did what u said not to do! This is extremely lazy/general! If u want people to “take your posts seriously” stop being such a hypocrite. We can all be blind sometimes, just try to catch it next time, it’s getting old.

What is it doing well? How is it doing it well? And no hypocrisy this time! And remember, no more untruths, b/c again I will call u out. We can discuss why u r wrong or right on each point.

And please FRESHLY ARTICULATE! :crazy_face:

I have in many other posts with the intent on helping fix the problems, think about the context of a post next time. And many of these issues r still there since alpha! Plenty of x, still broken.

“Finally, the last bone I’ll throw you is that I wish AGS had more capacity to communicate with us on what they’re working on.”

I thank u 4 that succulent bone! This was one of the main points of my post.

In the spirit of reciprocity I’ll throw u a :bone: The sound design is sound. Graphics are pretty good too. Too bad the game sucks.

As with anything, happy players are actually playing the game. Not spending time on the forum.
Just check a review section of any product online, most comments are complains because happy customers don’t have any reason to post.

Game is not even a month old, the community is not built yet, you’ll have plenty of time to see posts about builds and else.

EVERY MMO , and I can’t stress this enough, EVERY MMO forum is a complaints-show the first few months, it’s always like that.

Why is it always “Ahhh the sky is falling”?

you DO know that most people who enjoy the game and like how things are usually don’t go to the forums to post about it, no?

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The problems w/the game are overwhelming, I’ve played many mmos and never seen these many valid posts about problems with a game, even at launch.

U deny this valid point no? Are there not many problems? It’s like it is unfinished as many have said.

What u say doesn’t negate the fact that this game needs major improvement and AGS has not acknowledged most of the issues w/the game or communicated they are going to fix them.

I mean its not perfect by any means, and yes the questing is subpar by far, but the game is still fun. There are plenty of things to do, and the game just released. They are focusing on game breaking bugs and player log in issues, which is the most important thing.

Plus on top of all of this, it’s Amazons first game MMO, of course they are going to have problems figuring things out, they are people too. All probably working way too many hours, missing time with their families, slaving over a game for everyone to whine about.

Don’t get me wrong, that IS what Alpha’s and Beta’s are for, but there is no way they can get everything right, first time go. If people were to give constructive critism, rather then this game is dying and everything sucks about it, they may be more willing to read through and see whats best for the game.

I mean its not that bad, you and all the others are still playing the game aren’t you? And if you aren’t playing then why are you posting on the forums.

Just my two cents. :slight_smile:


95% of negative feedback? Source? From what I see on Steam, 74% of feedback are positive…

Where have u been??? THEY ARE! How can u say something like that? Problems unfixed from alpha, did u not read?

“It’s not that bad” doesn’t help move the game forward, instead of just defending a bad game maybe u should do what u said, give constructive criticism.

You say leave constructive criticism, then u say u r not allowed to have a voice if u aren’t playing the game anymore? So only people who stay get to have a voice for a game they paid 4?

That seems like BS.

Just my 39 :money_mouth_face:

I am sorry the game isn’t as fun for you, as you had hoped for. I am still having a blast with it, flaws and all. I don’t claim to be a game developer to know how it works, but i’m sure they will fix or find fixes in the coming months.

And if they don’t, and its a doomsday project that you predict, ill find another game to play.

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Also, people don’t post to forums about things that work. No, they only come here to complain and demand and cry, in some cases to throw a hissy fit threatening to sue Amazon for 5 hours of downtime (yes, really!). Nobody posts about things they like.