WHEN are we adding "war exhaustion"?

I buy out the market often, without company money. I collect up to gold cap, buy out the market of some items to relist, make a profit and then craft items looking for BiS gear. I’ve never been given gold or items from territory owners, even when we owned WW for 3 months.

I’ve managed to craft all my own gear, get all my own skills to 200, obtained all crafting/refining sets, and all trophies. I did that on my own.

I did it by using my skills with understanding markets. Yet, I’m sleezy for doing it? You do know that once an item is bought out it will return to normal market value within a out 24 hours. So it’s not like some huge con. People pay for convenience so they want their items now. That’s where easy buy and sell orders combined with crafting/refining makes tons of money.

What if the big companies you’re so concerned about stop buying for opposing factions? What if they decide they want to black list a player? You see only the pros and ignore the potential negatives.

im not worried about big companys owning areas i said that i just beleive names should be attached to the market i would`nt hold a hole company responible. id just think you are a peice of crap i also dont give a crap about your guild size i run a good size guild and next i dont give a dam weather people buy off the enemy or not but should be our choice.

Also iv never seen a game where 1 company could get everyone else in the game to do what they say, so who gives a poop if one large company didnt like ya…

however if someone for example buys all the green wood from a decent price and resets it higher that hurts the server and ya i understand its easy money but dosnt change without names being attached we cant say thats the peice of crap that did this.

p.s it dosnt take brains to buy something cheap and sell it higher they need names so we can stop inflantion. Plain and simple, if it didnt work having names on the ah, then everyother game wouldnt have done this exact thing, wow,swtor,aos,.scrolls,uo,ffXI, couple of names of games that all did this to prevent people like you, if it didnt work the big names wouldnt have used it with millions compared to maybe 10k accrossed the whole game…

I like this, on my selver midgard, we got one main company with 4 “shell” companies.
Seems abit unfair.


your a idiot that knows exactly how to kill a game.


have to make it long enought to were 1 company cannot own the three biggest towns. 4 hours would be good

The problem is not war lockouts but settlement ownership.
Remove player influence from Settlements and a lot of issues, including this one, are solved.
Wars become more accessible to everyone.

Better PvP by completely separating player influence over Settlements - Game Feedback / Game Feedback - New World Forums

most of the true pvp guys never run missions your high. get all the bots to run them and then just show up for wars

There is a big issue not being mentioned that needs to be changed. Big company that most likely owns at BW/WW/EF are making millions of gold a week. They have so much gold they can buy BIS gear and weapons for their (TOP 50), buy mercenaries, buy out TP, etc. I agree with a type of war exhaustion that makes it way harder for a BIG company to do that. I don’t agree with making it a faction war. It would be to crazy to coordinated an attack or defensive war.


I agree with needing war exhaustion, however you have not addressed one critical facet: multiple accounts.

Take, for instance, a large big-3 owning company (let’s say Dawnguard from Camelot, which is pushing on your server of Pluto right now I believe) that are skilled enough and invested enough to want to own the big 3 on multiple servers.

The workaround, given each of their toons can be in only one war a day, is to have multiple toons.

This puts strain on the economy for good gear, artificially inflates server number metrics, and the war/shell company problem remains. Unless that is addressed too, the only clear winner is AGS in the form of game sales and server transfer micro sales.

Even with multiple accounts you’d be locked into one war on each char a day. This still allows for territory spread and wealth spread. On all the high pop servers you’ll see that WW/EF aren’t the only money making territories. People have started to wise up and spread out their money useage. I suppose they could use multiple accounts on one server to to multiple wars a day to own the big territories, not sure how you’d stop that, but that seems like a fringe case.

All this whining over participation trophies is what killed the game for me. You don’t get to join war just because you’re in the same faction, fuck that. “muh small company!!!” Nobody’s problem but yours. You choose to be part of a small company with just a few war-ready members. The bigger companies which spend thousands of hours leveling/funding/gearing their players don’t owe you anything.

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your part of the 5 percent that probably has 3 alt accounts

Has nothing to do with participation trophies. There’s no MMR in this game for wars, owning smaller territories (areas that arent EF/BW/WW) for big companies is silly. Why create shells to squash out other companies from participating in end game? Who is that fun for? You are circumventing the game design for greed and your epeen. You still get to war vs the “elite” who want to try and take your gold farm in the big territories. Let other people play the damn game.

When you crush other companies by locking them out, they have no ability to train and get better to then come fight you in the other territories. It just kills the server and kills companies. Just look at Pluto. Its now dead and everyone is on Maramma doing the same thing.

Who would take care of town management if the entire faction owned it? I think people who have never run a town in this game underestimate the work involved. Not to mention the tax revenue needs to go somewhere. Frankly having done it myself towards the end of last year for a while, I sure as hell don’t want to do it again. It’s a lot of work. You need proper structure to manage it - guild leader, a few officers. An entire faction is not structured to do that.

That unfairly punishes smaller guilds who need outside help to fill a quality roster.

Because most towns that aren’t EF/WW don’t make a ton of tax revenue, but the guild still needs to pay weekly upkeep costs as well as the cost to start town projects. Unless that has changed since November/December, my guild went broke trying to run Reekwater and Officers were routinely spending our own gold to pay upkeep and start projects. It seems less bad now with Invasions actually being won, housing tax changes, and Trading Post being global, but I can’t imagine they’re making all that much more. Probably just enough to run it with a minor profit if they’re lucky, which for all the effort they have to put in to win it, run it, and defend it, the small profit is one of the only rewards they’re getting.

The game is already designed so that guilds only own and run one town.

  • Guild roster is limited to 50 people, same number as a war roster
  • War time for all territories that company owns happens at the same time, forcing them to decide which to defend, or rely on other players (allied guilds?) to defend the second territory.

You’re not supposed to be capable of having the same 50 people be in multiple wars every night unless it’s in someone else’s war. The idea of shell companies is a way for players to skirt the intended game design. It should be against TOS given that fact honestly.

Town management should be entirely done by Town Boards. Have every possible upgrade available on the menu and allow people to “vote” on upgrades by performing the specific boards. There is no reason to select which boards to put up because they are ALL up if there is a potential upgrade. If you as a resident feel that T4 cooking is more important than Hale and Hearty, then go do the cooking board.

Tax revenue absolutely does not need to go anywhere; it should be a gold sink and nothing more. It should never have gone anywhere. We have massive competitive and economic imbalances because it IS going somewhere.

That’s exactly what we were doing and I assume what everyone was doing. If we didn’t have all 4 boards up at once we would hear about it from people. That’s also part of why it’s so much time and money to manage.

Regarding tax revenue, that’s only true for major towns. Smaller towns if they want to actually try to upgrade stuff and have projects, costs a ton of money the guild doesn’t have because they make so little revenue in those towns. You shouldn’t punish the little guys because of what the top 1% are doing.

Sure. I’m just saying why does anyone need to manage this? It should just be automated by the game…

The whole concept of paying and receiving taxes is only relevant under company ownership.

If you remove ownership from companies, taxes become gold sinks (their rates get automatically determined by a combination of upgrade levels and residency).

There is no concept of needing to “pay” for upgrades because paying only exists to offset the income currently being received… Instead you just do town boards.

If anything, removing ownership from companies is a HUGE, HUGE boon to the little guys. Part of the reason many items are so expensive in the TP is because the 1% has more or less printed money.

If you have 10 players, you really shouldn’t be carried through a war by mercs

10players making 1mil a week when they didn’t even field their own war? Lol I don’t see how it’s that unfair

But for smaller servers, it could auto-adjust to have a different rule set

I really don’t understand how people can keep thinking stuff like “removing town ownership from companies will be a benefit to small companies”

Taking something away from the big company doesn’t mean a benefit to the little companies.

It really sounds to me like a spoiled child asking their parent to break their siblings toy because theirs is broken. If I cant have it, they don’t get theirs either!

The only thing that would do is give us less stuff for everyone to fight over, and relativity doesn’t change that situation. It hurts everyone and disincentivizes PvP.
Everyone being poorer isn’t an improvement to anything, and no incentive to become a bigger company doesn’t help smaller companies at all.

What is the reason for companies if not for town ownership? What are they for specifically?

If you can’t answer that with a reasonable thing that makes sense in the context of an MMO, just stop making suggestions as to how to improve them… If you don’t know what X is even for, stop trying to change X until you do.

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