When are we going to get rid of this?

Same company owns 6 sattlements
with 5 different sub companies
2 of the companies has only 1 person in it
this is totaly unaccaptable

please ags put some stong rules to make this sh.t impossible
like only companies with 40+ ppl could own sattlements

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They’re making it to where you have to have a minimum in house on a roster…eventually.

Just have to wait it out.

If you want to own territory, put a good group together…and practice.


That server has kinda dried up on competitive pvp anyway.

The players that do that clearly do not want what’s best for the game. Doing it is such a negative for the game yet they do it anyways


this is not about war practise or what not
this is about abusing the games loop holes

they should use only 1 company
not 5 different empty companies to get around game rules…

This is true, but the devs allow it by creating a system that can be abused.

If there is one fundamental truth about game design, it’s that you can not place this kind of power in the players hands, it will ALWAYS get abused. There are many unscrupulous people in the world and they play video games like anyone else.

If the system is designed so that it can not be abused, it will not be abused.

The only way to combat this problem is to add a cooldown on joining another company after leaving one. Personally, I’d make it 1 full week.

The reason this happens is because it’s all the same players from the same company that just constantly switch to their “shell” companies for war time to defend those territories, and they can do it endlessly right now.

We were supposed to get 3 fixes in this last big patch that was supposed to prohibit this problem from happening, but they only implemented 1 - the 1 that makes it more lucrative to own the lesser territories… ultimately making it MORE lucrative for shell companies to own all the territories.

AGS has no idea what they’re doing as far as development mapping is concerned. Their priorities are all mixed up. They’re getting feedback from legitimate players that want to see this game succeed, and they’re squandering it on BS.

Stupid post about a disbanded company and a dead server where nobody pushes any territory…

This company has been terrorizing DT for ages now. They left it in shambles to go abaton and now they’ll burn it again as they go on to gobble up the next. Living in a yacht on the atlantic having mindless drones defending every war. Absolutely crazy monopoly. Unbeatable because of gear difference.

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