When are you going to open up the damn Trading post?

Oh, and guess what I just learned… no wealth transfers means I can’t pay my flipping property taxes which means my ability to use my own storage with my resources in it is going to be seriously screwed.
That means I’m out even more functionality. I can farm. . . if I pick another territory. I’d have to move a ton of stuff out of my main storage and spread it between three different territories right now, in order to use much of anything.
Elite farming starts getting rough because, well, where I’d store stuff from it.
Maybe I could just do Outpost Rush a bunch?
So, yeah, this flat out makes a lot of things unusable.

They aren’t using blueprints from old shitty MMO’s they are making their own game/legacy… stop trying to play that shit, if you think the game was poorly designed you woulda knew that during the beta test & had the choice not to purchase it.

Developers, learn, make corrections & adapt… esp when a game is world wide server based & live (keep in mind they also did this understaffed which they just rectified recently.)

Give them time.


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No I am sharing my opinion here. What will matter is not buying their product again, which I will also do. It only takes so many pebbles to make an avalanche. I have been dealing with computer games and bugs for over 40 years.

Devs do not just get a free pass. They need to do the job.

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Diablo 2 20 years ago also never had the player base or server worlds/capacities that NW does.

The task AGS has taken is a million times more difficult, and all while attempting to maintain transparency and keep people updated as much as possible, Blizzard/Diablo never did that… ever, they didn’t give a fuck what people thought, and they were just fine.

You are literally trying to scrutinize AGS for their one successful title that they were maintaining understaffed and clearly under appreciated, go back to WOW.


However because of the millions they get day one it will hardly matter, game could flop day one and the still got enough to bounce back - it won’t change

Take a day off bro. Touch the grass, or whatever it is the kids say today.

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The forums have taken note of your particular circumstances.

The whiteknight is the guy defending the crap they put out, thats you not me. Or do you need that explained to you too?

Right… Are you sure about that?

While it took some time to investigate and track down where the duped items were funneled, our telemetry tracks all these transactions, so rest assured we can and will find all the bad actors.

Exploits will not be tolerated, and penalties can and will include permanent bans for those players using them.

You can read the full post from here: [Dev Blog] Update from the Team: Exploits

Exactly - whether or not people have realized it or not, I’ve kinda became an “anti-troll” if you will, no sense in fueling hatred towards something that cannot be changed so easily - better to let people vent it out so they can feel better later - most people here will forget these posts in a day go back to playing like nothing happened

Blizzard 20+ years ago was a much smaller company than Amazon. Blizzard didn’t keep people updated in part because BBS were primitive or non-extant. AGS had the resources to do this much better. They chose not to. Glad you love them tho. Jeff will be happy.

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They did a worse job than those old MMos then. Youa re whiteknighting way too hard and you are way too angry to be taken seriously.

I never played WoW. you rally have no clue about anything. Just stop.

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I guess your post will be my last LIKED one as well. Cheers.

Love the game, regardless of what state it’s in, not the studio. I’m invested and I’m patient

Clearly some aren’t.

Invasions/OPR’s & Elite runs have kept me more then busy while people bitch about a auction house being down.

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I mean if you really can’t read between the lines and figure out my point then by all means, my point isnt defending ags my point is all studios will get away with this because of lack of backlash - if most people would just look at release and go nah Im not buying that and the ones that had go for refunds it would start changing

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To be fair Escape from tarkov devs don’t claim to be selling a finished game, you only need to look at the current patch 0.12, what do you think the 0 stands for.

A full priced test that is a joke at best lol escape from Tarkov is the lowest example possible, devs that hardly care to make worth while Changes tease the same things for years straight all while the beta costs as much as brand new game that just came out

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Whilst decrying any critics of AGS, interesting theory.

I want the game to work, but not a lot of faith that current steps will be enough.

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