When are you going to return the houses that disappeared to us in maintenance 1.0.2?

Since maintenance 1.0.2 I lost my house that I had bought, it does not appear in the game, I have nothing, I have no money, and I have no trophies, when will Amazon respond to me? why do you pass this topic olympically.


They care more about PVP players complaining about OP this and OP that and bots/dupers more than they care about things like belongings disappearing and schematics being deleted but unlearned when salvaged.


same problem here, since 3 weeks i lost my houses and everything inside it

that this issue does not fall into oblivion, we want a solution and we want it NOW!

They haven’t proved they banned anyone for using the Invincibility cheats around Update 1.0.2. and don’t talk about it at all when called out.
I think they’re going to give the same treatment here – just wait for people to get tired of bringing it up and forget it.

Same here, it’s been two weeks since two of my houses got stuck and travelling is getting quite expensive unfortunately :sob:

Yeah it’s insane that there has been no reply to this issue at all.

@Luxendra Could you respond on this, we can’t use our houses for weeks now…

I’m tired of waiting, I’ve been like this for 2 months , it is a shame

up, please need a solution!!!

Same here. Already posted, already ticketed and already chatted with customer service. House lost for month and a half. They just don’t fucking care.
Just be sure to review the game negative until they give proper service

up, my problem not solution. need a soluion NOW!!!

up. need a solution. need a solution NOW

any solution? does someone from the team respond? or do they just skip out of trouble?

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