When BB Getting Nerf?

yes you read it right.


In 6 months.

It does need a nerf promptly, OPRs on Dry Tree are similar to the latest Call of duty where other classes play the NPCs. Heavys almost fall to a single IG/BB combos.

Stop the massacre.


Seen tons of SNS/BB one shot combos in OPR. On par with Grav well and Ice Wall needs needed.

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Hope but don’t count on it. They’ll nerf the leaves falling before touching bb.

They only need to “fix” clawshot to not reset your attack. Nothing else

u just gonna leave the fully 1 shot combo??

If it’s on par with these, and these aren’t nerfed, then why would they nerf bb.

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If they fixed that, they would need to disabled bow double shotting too. It’s the same cancel

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The reset is needed to do it unless the person is in light.

They’d nerf them if they wanted balanced PvP and for the game to not close servers.

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never stop cryin get good
bb is useless on its own
you have to use other waepons to stop the target

Majority of this compo dmg comes from that auto + claw + auto compo, u shoot total 18 pellets with that and u do those 3 actions so quick u cant even notice it. After that u finish up with sharpnel.

And i agree with George90, only fix they need is to “fix” clawshot. There needs to be atleast same ammount of time between 2 autoshots than normaly and that would give some time to escape knockdown.

This, could probably still 1 shot anyone in light even at 200 con still though. They just need to find the right tweaks without messing with things on bb that arn’t actually the issue.

An illustration. New World BlunderBuss/Ice Gauntlet PvP - Rip Refreshing move - Blunderbust - STILL OP DAMAGE IN OPR - YouTube

Yes, most adversaries are light wearers, blah blah surely they have no resilience and can’t play (7 months in the game on a populated server)… But in truth, yes, BB is overpowered.

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