When big weapon balance patch?

To be fair here, this isn’t Duels R Us, @halfik :slight_smile:

LA with shirking and resil is - when coupled with its mobility and increased damage - worth taking a hard look at and adjusting the risk/reward model. Should it be gutted? I don’t think so and as a LA wearer I hope not. But I think it’s worth looking at some adjustments.

If you are in the open world with pvp enabled anyone who has a musket/bow and light armor will kill you.
Because that player just has to be cautious and always shoot from a safe distance, the MOVEMENT SPEED
PASSIVE from those weapons and light armor allows them.
He just needs patience, and he’s going to get you out of the area or you’re going to die.

You cant nerf LA movment more. With mele slow and slow affecting doge distance its not possible. Dex is issue and musket/bow passives - not LA. Any problems catching up light mage? No. See no LA problem. Any problems catching SS/Spear? No? See the pattern?

The weapons are the problem; not light armor. Reduce the musket’s range and the bow’s mobility, and you will solve a lot of problems.

I don’t think many people have trouble catching healers or mages in light armor.

Those weapons are getting buffed and firestaff getting nerfed if history has anything to say.

Give me perma haste like bows and muskets and I’m out of there ez pz lemon squeezy or let me vault rocks plz.

it’s also worth looking at the risk vs. reward of 300 str grit. Light can be squishy and less mobile if the CC window were a bit wider on bruisers.