When can a shield be inlaid with gemstones?

The version in the video is fundamentally different from the current one。

Title: Because then S/S users would get +1 gem vs any other builds without S/S. everyone has 2 weapons, with 2 possible gem slots. S/S would then have 3, while having S/S out you still gain benefits from your other weapon, so it would be unfair vs those without it.

OP: k

Quote: the devs should do OPR on Camelot server vs people. Without saying they are the devs.


Title, link, and words don’t match. :thinking:

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lmfao yeah, I just answered the title instead

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Please fast forward the video to 9:05, you will have the same question.( When can a shield be inlaid with gemstones?

Wooooow XD so much for what I said before… I guess the Devs have something we don’t? Next time though, just state that the devs have a shield with a gem slot and spare us the trouble XD

is there a shield that is craft only with a gem slot? or is this custom dev stuff that players don’t/can’t ever get… in which case, if there isn’t a shield like this for player- the devs still got wiped and killed over and over with extra stats/gear. smh

if there is a shield with a gem slot players CAN get, then it’s w/e go get the shield, can a round shield get one?

Shield should never get a gem slot - it would be unbalanced. If there’s a Dev with a custom shield that has one then they pulled something out of their test vault to use.

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