When can I transfer my chap?

I want to transfer my chap to a new server. I don’t want to make a new chap to do same things. Can’t play now with hours of queue. When Can I do it? If I can’t in 2 days I Will left the game. Can’t spend my free time in queue.
Amazon??? BAD, BAD, bad experience. If refund was possible I would have bought another game with that Money.
but you took the money immediately eh!? Also if I can’t play and I can’t transfer to a new server.
after over $ 100 million spent and nearly a decade of trying to make a game with 3 skill, Amazon is ashamed.

I’m sure amazon is working on it :slight_smile:
The game is awesome, this is why we have this overpopulation issue.
The only thing I’d ask them is to let me transfer back my character to the server that I transfered it from during initial release weeks for free. So that I can play and comeback once the situation cools down.

We have made a huge company that is not 1 but almost 3 companies at this point, bought lands on one of the biggest servers. So it would be a big shame if I would miss out on this effort to organize that me and the company have put in, just to be split up due to launch hype.

??? Are you speaking about beta?
I am speaking about stable release.

From day 1 I have try to play 2 o 3 times a day… only queue… I have played only 4 or 5 times.

Still waiting for server change.

Now I have some bugs that need to log off… If someone hit you when you are fishing you must log off and queue queue queue


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