When can we buy transfer tokens?

Transfer tokens has just been a big fail since they announced it will be available. I transferred to a server a while a go with my friend and we both did so much research before transferring in order to ensure that we make the right choice. We even created new characters for 2 days straight on different servers to make sure that we get what we were looking for. We were so happy until our server started getting so full we have to sit in a constant 900+ que time with server crashes. Why can’t we get the option to move if we want to? When will purchasable transfers be an option? This will be an obvious solution to balance server que’s and transfers? Are we not allowed to enjoy this game…,

how about you let them fix the current transfers then release paid transfers… I’ve been waiting for three weeks to transfer but can’t due to bugs everytime

While in the mean time a lot of people aren’t gonna tag a long and wait for devs to fix problems that shouldn’t even be such a big deal. Good luck transferring when you get the chance

And btw it’s been weeks since they announced server transfers. If they weren’t able to fix the bugs by now. Idk how they even will in the upcoming weeks.

i really need to buy one or get an additional for free

My main compagny move in a cluster where i had my alt and we cannot have multiple heroes on the same cluster :S

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