When can we expect Open World PvP content?

Open World PvP used to be a core part of the gameplay loop and is arguably the most fun form of PvP New World has to offer. Unfortunately just like Arena and OPR it’s been pretty much abandoned and is not getting any significant updates to incentivize players to go out into the world to complete objectives and fight other players for meaningful rewards.

The introduction of the PvP Track and the following Open World War’esque scenarios we saw break out in Great Cleave should be proof enough that there is massive interest in Open World PvP battles if the activity is rewarding enough. Since AGS quickly pulled the trigger and nerfed those missions, we got absolutely nothing as a compensation.

I know I sound like a broken record here as somebody that has been part of the PvP community since the Alpha, but we desperately need some major updates to transition this part of the game into a viable playstyle again.

I know that they have teased some changes to the way influence is pushed for wars and that they want to include the forts more in the process. However I have doubts that this will be enough to get Open World PvP back on the map. If we don’t make that activity a lot more rewarding, especially for the people that don’t compete in the following wars, and if that activity is only available during very specific times, these changes are going to be pretty meaningless overall.

I personally would like to see some updates to the massively outdated Flagging System, I’d love to see a Cyradil’esque Force Flagged PvP Zone that is available 24/7 and most importantly I’d like to see the reward structure for PvP in general revamped as it just sucks right now.

That being said, I know that all of this is going to sound horrible to PvE players that have no interest in participating in that type of contet and that those players always try their best to push against PvP being more prominent in the game, but as long as those activities are 100% optional for those players I don’t see any reason we can’t get some love for the PvP side of things. So please make it happen, AGS.


Open world PvP-only zone? Will never happen. Sorry.

New PvP gamemode to rotate with OPR? 2-3 months at best. Probably longer.

The devs have no clear vision for PvP. Don’t keep expectations.


Press U to have open world PVP.

Although I agree that the Great Cleave breakout was nice, let’s not forget that it actually happened for the wrong reasons: PvE players flagging in and out to get their quick and efficient reward. The sad reality is that AGS has to manage the influx of rewards in players’ pockets so that they don’t grind too fast and leave. Moreover, those PvP skirmishes in Great Cleave didn’t impact territory influence at all since Great Cleave can’t be claimed, which was also a problem.

(I still need to figure out why factions are more or less disabled in the three northern territories by the way.)

Anyway, to be honest, don’t hope for a force-flagged region, I highly doubt it will happen, for the following reasons:

  • making an entire region for a minority of the player base is risky - to say the least - financially speaking
  • they already have a faction system that is supposed to incentivize open world PvP, but doesn’t, so let’s fix it, sounds less costly

They have indeed mentioned a few interesting changes in the October dev update, and honestly I would rather scrutinize these and push in the same direction to make open-world PvP worth playing. Here’s a sum-up of what they intend to look at:

  • region focus: only a few territories can generate influence at a time, drawing PvP players in the same region
  • more control points (in addition to the territory’s fort) to prevent zergs from being too strong and help having an impact on territory influence
  • Fort capture time windows (to have a chance as the defender)

Maybe there’s more, that’s what I remember, so let’s discuss what impact it will have. Will it be enough?

I personally would love to see more rewards for faction members that aren’t necessarily involved in a company but want to contribute. One thing I’ve already mentioned in the past - and I’m not the only one I guess - are convoys. Those could be a way to involve PvE players too:

  • PvE players bring resources to a town (like usual town projects)
  • once filled, the town project become a convoy that is a small moving PvP zone that goes to another territory
  • if it reaches the territory, it adds a huge amount of influence from the faction that sent it

Imagine this happening from several territories towards the same territory as a joint operation, you suddenly have multiple PvP hotspots moving. And you could even have a pure PvE convoy mechanic for PvE players too (no influence, but other rewards), to make sure the development costs are worth it.

I have more crazy ideas but it’s already a wall of text so I’ll stop there.

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