When can we finally play with our friends?

Hey there

Are there any news regarding the server transfers? Can we please finally transfer and start playing with our friends?

Most people I know already quit the game because it sucks when you have to play a MMO on your own.



Same for me! My friends are already talking about playing other games as we now waited weeks, completed near all quests alone and still can’t do anything together! If that doesn’t change soon I will stop playing.

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I’ve been telling my friends we should just create new characters, but no one seems to want to do that …

Even though we could at least play together at that point.

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They are trying very wery hard for the past 6 days to fix the handful of bugs with server transfers, I’m sure it’s a ton of work and they are working around the clock to get it done. Hopefully we’ll get server transfers before literally all my friends quit!

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