When can we get another Transfer token?

So you’re been running the server transfer for a while, and so far we’ve only got one token. I read that we are expected to even get tokens. In this connection, I would have a request to know what this can be known when it is expected, and how much the planned price etc. Since unfortunately, the current server where I managed to get through this system has already developed a toxic layer what I want to leave if I could be able to move to a much more friendly server. Since my character is already on level 44 so I don’t really want to take advantage of the new character as it would be equal to the end of the game for me. Thank you in advance for your reply and I hope to have the opportunity as soon as possible to purchase a transfer token.

Have Great Day :slight_smile:

Hopefully never, server transfers will 100% kill any community this game has left. Learn to socialize, how is it AGS’s fault you can’t be social with the people you have in the server?

Honestly I saw somethign like this happening, so I saved my free transfer. I’ll probably see what happens by next month before I use it.

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