When can we transfer server again?

When there will be more server transactions to go to another server, I don’t identify with the kind of people I’m with and I’m not comfortable, I get bored and I feel like I’m playing with 3-year-olds.

Yeah! Used my first transfer to join a german server just to get auto-transfered a week later to a whatever f***** server where my fraction (syndicate) is absolutly lost.

I left a server that was dead, and I could not do outpush or anything, but after a month they joined it with the rest of the servers and I want to return because the server where I transfer is the most toxic people in the country.

yeah they merged our server with some seriously toxic servers, has really destroyed the fun factor. i was playing 6 hours a day minimum, getting into it heavily, now i have even been on the server in 3 days because of the exploits and toxicity that the merge brought to the server. weve already lost over 200 daily logons according to the trackers

Hello @kingalfa13 !

Hope you are doing fine :slight_smile: .I understand you are trying to transfer servers,unfortunately it is on hold for now.

However you can keep checking our forums for the future updates,Here is the link:

Hope that helps!