When compensation?

We are aware that players are having issues with queues and the login process, the team is working hard to address these issues and improve your ability to login and play quickly.
We appreciate your patience.

this is very good. but!
after the morning reboot I was 1881 in line. after a while I moved a few numbers ahead, but I was kicked out of the queue with the error “@mm_connerr_rep_timeout”. after reloading the game, I started getting the “Failed to join login queue” error. after several restarts of the game, I again got into the queue, but with an increased number.
and so it was repeated 4 times! when I started to write this message I was 4340 in the queue. but while I was writing it, I was thrown out of the queue again !!!

a question to the leadership of the forum and the company in general - who, when, and how much compensates me for a WHOLE day spent trying to enter the game ?!

Although its frustrating, that the start doesnt work as planned you´re not forced/paid to play this game and you are free to request a refund of this game if you dont want to play it anymore because of a bad experience


on steam if youve been sat in the que waiting for over 2 hours your refund window has gone.


You can still request a refund if you feel like you should be compensated. Its free to do and you do it through https://help.steampowered.com/. You get your money back and you do not have to worry anymore :slight_smile:

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are you leadership of the forum or the amazone?
then I am not interested in your opinion

Im not sure what compensation you honestly expect to get… AGS arent gonna suddenly start giving out amazon vouchers are they?! I feel the frustration but if youre that annoyed get a refund

Why would you post on a forum if you don’t want others opinion?

You should probably correct your message saying “I am not interested in opinions that don’t agree with mine.”

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“Im mildly inconvenienced, give me free stuff NOW!”

do you want to speak to a manager?

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I think Steam refunds only if you played less than 2 hours but because of the queue times most people won’t be able to get a refund.
Not to mention that all servers are full and many of them have tens of thousands of players queuing.
If none of the 2000 of a server quit or crash, nobody else will be entering that server.
Knowing that at least 80-90% of the players trying to login pre-ordered the game, it’s definitely not normal that so many of us are unable to play.
There is way too many people queuing for this to be considered a normal issue.

I in a way agree with this post about compensation. I don’t always agree that people should be compensated when things go wrong in games, however, with this it isn’t a problem in game. See you actually have to get into the game when it launches to have a problem. Now as we can see, there is roughly a little over 150,000 peeps waiting in queue, with average wait times of 8+ hours just in US East. It makes my eyes bleed when I look at the other queues and add up all the numbers together. Basically, more than 60% of the people that purchased the game are not even able to play it.

So why do I agree with this post? Well because Amazon said they will be ready for everyone in Aeternum when the game launches. I understand that Amazon was working on bugs, but if you had even the decency to look at the known bugs on their list and what was actually fixed, then you would begin to wonder what they actual value or consider important. Bugs aside, launching a game is clearly an amazing accomplishment, but what has happened here is not a successful launch. Amazon has the power, capacity, and technology to carry out a task like this with no problem, including the money to carry this out. I mean they sold just over 600k copies of this game, e.g., $23,994,000, just for the regular copy, no need to make the number look bigger because of the deluxe version.

Now, 600k copies, with about 90%+ of those being pre-orders they should of had at least enough capacity on their servers to cover at a minimum 20% more than what was sold. So, if they want to keep capacity at 2k, then they would have needed a little more than 360 worlds across the 5 main servers (e.g., US East, West, etc.). But instead they took the money and decided, hey I don’t care that 600,000 people purchased our game, there is no way that every single one of those people are planning to log into the game when it launches and determined that only 252 servers capped at 2k would be sufficient. Ok yeah that takes care of 504k people, but apparently they didn’t even look to see where those copies were sold, so this number is not accurately split between the main servers making extremely long queue lines almost on every server.

This is clearly neglect, lack of smarts, or just plain and simple, Amazon doesn’t care about the people playing their game. If Amazon wants to show that they actually care, then here is what I suggest for compensation.

Skins: Every player gets to choose two skins for free off of the in-game store
In-game Currency: Every player gets 20,000 - 40,000 coins to spend in the in-game store

Why is this both good for Amazon and the game? Well it shows that Amazon actually cares that they screwed up on this launch. It shows that they are taking responsibility for the actions and situation that has happened. Also it doesn’t break the game, it makes people want to get into the game and put on their newly acquired skin, or spend the in-game store coin. Happy players makes people more optimistic about problems getting fixed.

We need a quick fix or an equally valuable reason to be ok with waiting 8+ hours in a queue on a game that Amazon is proud of.


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