When do we get info about server transfers?

Any eta? Info?
It’s almost wednesday?
Or is there coming another delay again…
Waiting so long now for the transfers……
That you don’t want to do it in the weekend is fine. But you could do it monday, or today tuesday… no peaks…
So why no transfers? Why no info or eta?
Do you guys even take your players who paid for the game serious?

I think a lot of people want some info now



You made this (2nd) thread 3 minutes ago and you’re bumping it already? lol

Anyway, they released an FAQ earlier. You can find it via the Dev Tracker link at the top of the main page.

They shouldn’t promise things everytime and let us wait 3 or maybe 4 weeks…
With bad excuses

I can’t find it tho?
I looked at there twitter and the official news page

More transperency is what people are asking about for weeks about a lot of things
People who paid money and are customers


This is all old news and the majority of this information was already out there way before they posted that message 14 hours ago.
It doesn’t answer my question.

I am asking for an ETA…
When they will do the update / maintenance.
Why they didn’t it yesterday or today…

MMO’s follow a schedule for updates, they usually don’t just push them out. It is usually once a week always at the same specific time.

The history so far has been Wednesday patches for the team. So I expect transfers to be in place after the patch this Wednesday.

ETA is - This week.

Most likely it’ll roll out with the routine maintenance tomorrow. But either way, they’ve stated it’ll be this week.

Oke thanks.
Yeah I tought about that already.
That they will maybe do it with the normal update but wouldn’t it take ages then?
Last update was 11-12 hours here.

They at least could let us now a day before then that the servers will be down all day.

I have read that thread and it only answers question on how the transfers work. I have also read the thread on the main dev page, the OP is correct, they never mention a day or time anywhere. We as the paying customers just want to know some real answers.

What day?

What time?

Dev team said: “You can expect several communications coming from our team in the near future”

Where are all these several communications, I have seen none!

Basically the OP is correct, Amazon has not given any real transparency since the beginning, we are just looking for real honesty.

We are all customers. We all paid money. The playerbase still playing you can call them ‘loyal’ after everything.
I am just asking for a little bit transparency on things in general. Instead of them announcing it a few hours before the servers go down.
I myself don’t really care if I find out on the moment it self that I can’t play. But they everytime seem to announce those things really late.

Last time a friend of mine had a free day and wanted to level up his mining to 100.
He wanted to start the game and found out the servers were down. Waited 5 hours, got extended, waited, got extended. Servers were up again at midnight.
So at least people can plan other things then to do.
And I think less people will be ‘mad’ if you just announce it a day before or 2 days before instead last moment.

I just want to have some info about the ETA.
I guess they will do it tommorow then or thursday, if they don’t delay it again.
But I think they already know when they are going to it right?

I basically just want them to take the players who paid for the game a little bit more serious because we keep the game alive and without us, they don’t make any money at all


I’d honestly be surprised if they actually do it tomorrow. But fingers crossed I guess.

I wouldn’t be surprised if they announce that it will be delayed AGAIN. Because of the normal maintenance and patching of bugs and otherwhise the servers will be down to long blabla.

I think it’s just a little bit weird the whole situation.
They promised it multiple times, they say it’s done but they don’t want to do it in the weekend.
Now they dont do it on monday and tuesday, and they still didn’t anounce an ETA

All we need to know from there is the last Q/A. There will be servere were we wont be able to transfer in just transfer from and this might something that will cause a problem if we dont chose the right moment, for example if 10 friends want to transfer on x server where are other 10 friends of them, not all of them might have place to get in.

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