When exactly is the patch/downtime?

I know it perhaps may seem obvious, but this post below does not exactly mention a date for the downtime later tonight. It doesn’t say it’s tonight, either. The link included to the article itself does in small letters below the image, but it may be worth updating the official post with a date. @Luxendra

source: [Downtime] New World Update 1.0.4

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Tonight PT time


I got that from the article. I was just pointing out the official post itself doesn’t mention a date. Thank you, though.

so basically nothing important will be fixed just some little bugs from which players benefit and bugs that broke the game like light armor bug, the armor scaling and damage reduction bonuses remain unfixed until when ?

Will we be able to use a paid server transfer if we already used the free token and ended up on one of the worst possible servers?

The official post has dates within the times specified that I can see…

The Australian times say server transfers are up at: 2:00PM PT OCT 28th / 8:00AM AEST OCT 28th. Shouldn’t AEST be 29th of OCT? Things don’t line up a little. Funny how no one proof reads before posting.

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Luxendra edited the post a few moments ago to include them. That’s all I was pointing out. Before the edit the only place you could find a date or anything indicating tonight was the italicized wording under the article image.

Thanks for the edit.

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Thanks @Luxendra ! Appreciate the push to get these notes out and seems helpful so far :slight_smile:

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@Luxendra can you clarify if the war performance updates ‘AOE magic’ refers to the ice gauntlet skills. The patch notes seem to allude to performance gains being tied to Life Staff, but nothing about Ice Gauntlet induced lag.

Why has no developer or CM manager to reply to the millions of time people have asked, “What happens to the war we have scheduled during downtime?”

I have heard that the war gets canceled, declare cost refunded and influence reset to 0.

If this is the case, are you serious Amazon? Do you realize how hard it is to grind influence in some territories on some servers? We spent hours fighting people on my server to gain influence little by little so we could finally declare on Windsward which has never been taken since the launch of the game. We finally have a good chance to take it tonight and they get out of it because of a downtime that us players had no idea about?

There was no forewarning for us to plan around. You know how your own war mechanics work and you tell players about the downtime the day of? This is ridiculous.

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Is that “now” ?

Edit: oh wait, nevermind, my client crashed :sob:

Would it be to much to ask to have normal downtimes give 24 hours notice at least? I understand emergency, but this is not that. sighs

Great, cool story… now get that update spam off my screen and out of my life already…

So the servers will be down again during prime gaming time in Australia. Guess I’m not playing again today, starting to wonder why I still care.


Can you please explain why this patch must be pushed out at 11pm PT? I remember all of the initial patches being at 3am which was very reasonable. I would even be fine with a 1am patch time so you make sure youre not messing with wars. Just move the patch up 1hr further and avoid so much negativity from the community. If you have communicated this with us beforehand, we would’ve known not to grind influence for 8 hours. All for it to be washed away, but oh it fine because our money is refunded… Please change it while there’s time!

I see the dates in the post. October 27th at 11pm for west servers and back up at 2am on October 28th. I’m not sure what the issue is here but I see the dates posted.

There were no dates initially. The post has since been edited to include them. Problem solved.

I am getting conflicting info too, the in-game notification says 5:00am, and this forum post says 6:00am, no idea which is correct…

Additionally, when are these supposed “updates/upgrades” ever going to resemble anything substantial?