When is furninishing going to be fixed?

How long are these things going to be stuck in my inventory?

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I would like to know this as well. Item placement is turned back on, but if you don’t own a home you’re just out of luck.

Furniture and gem scaling issues - my two top priorities

Wait, there is more:

  1. Furnishing…stuff in my inventory that i can’t do anything with.
  2. Housing taxes on houses i cannot use. See #1
  3. War lag, that you mad infinitely more worse with the introduction of the latest changes (UNPLAYABLE.)
  4. Lets break farming angry earth cause you dont know how to remove something from the loot table, or minimize its drop rate.
  5. New weapons to bring new imbalances and more problems…FOR THE LOVE OF GOD WHY?
  6. why am i typing this? those in charge do not GIVE A RATS ASS.

This is a huge issue and we really do need an update please.


Para vida

Preach it brotha!!

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