When is Perseus getting status full

So I rolled on a new server (Perseus) so the queues wouldnt be 2k long. Now according to newworldserverstatus the server has a top 5 queue time and its one of the few servers that still isn’t on status “full”, despite dozens of other servers being full with less queue time.


Hello @Pieter_1 , the team usually monitors server population and queue times daily. “Full” doesn’t indicate a server that always has queues, it indicates a server that during typical peak usage has a substantial queue. Since server transfers released, the full status was removed on most servers and the team has been waiting for transfers to slow down before starting to evaluate what servers need to be designated as full again.

You can see more info about server transfers and the full status on servers in our Server Transfer Questions Megathread.

Let us know if you any more questions!

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