When Ranked and cross server que for arenas?

Already bored of stomping every lobby and getting nothing from it, us pvpers like to progress and have something to strive for like the pve players ALWAYS get. I know its only been 1 day lol but atleast let us know if its coming in a month or so? Because “leaderboards” (not sure if that is ranked arena) was slated for Autumn on the roadmap and i personally wont wait longer than 1-2 months for 2 basic things that should come with arena. You wouldn’t add dungeons without loot drops or bosses would you?

When the hype dies down its going to be very hard to find an arena match on any server without cross server que btw, and ranked would be like impossible without cross server que also tbh because the ques would be way too long.

Arena is fun though and every weapon seems viable so its better than i thought it would be balance wise


Since todays patch Ive been thinking a lot about the ranked system and I really, really, really hope that AGS lets the playerbase help them find the right system for this game and we open up a dialogue during the entire implementation.

Just to start I think there needs to be some sort of server-wide ranking, but then also a global one.

Honestly at this point Id be happy just to get an official response from AGS about their intent with pvp (not mutation leaderboards) ranking/MMR/ELO.

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100% agree they need to be open and tell us about it, they just need to copy the ranking system from valorant, overwatch etc etc and just change the names. No need to innovate random things on something that works so well.

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bumpy wumpy

OPR Arena cross server is needed BADLY

Without cross server OPR / arena many server can’t play anymore. Please at least give some insight if you plan anything on this subject.

The total base player is enough to have a lot of fun pvp but without any solution each server individually are less and less viable.