When spamming Ice Gauntlet Heavy Attacks the character sometimes stops shooting and does not command queue the next attack

This issue affects Ice Gauntlet Users. Every Perk from the Ice Tempest Tree was skilled.

Issue that occurred
When using Ice Gauntlet Heavy Attacks back to back, sometimes the next Heavy attack does not charge. The attack command input is not registered. It feels like trying to shoot with no mana, even if mana is full. It works just fine when chaining heavy attacks with the Bow. But the Ice Gauntlet gets stuck often.

Is this a bug or an exploit:

Time and Date
Any time. Happens regularly.


Location where issue occurred
Was especially noticeable in the Depths Expedition. when fighting large packs of monsters.

Any steps that can be taken to reproduce the issue

  • Let the tank pull a pile of 3+ medium-big monsters.
  • Cast Ice Storm on the pile of mobs.
  • Spam Heavy Attacks to proc Heavy Freeze Perk. Charging the next heavy attack right after firing and while the current heavy attack is in the air.
  • Seemingly randomly the character stops shooting even if he has mana available. Might be a bug with Heavy Freeze or with the Heavy Attack itself.

I’ve been having this same issue, very annoying. It messes up ice gauntlets entire burst.

yep this has been an endless source of frustration for me

I thought it was maybe my mouse or something. I am indeed also having this issue. Very frustrating when you only have 1 shot to freeze an enemy in the ice storm before they move out, and then it doesn’t fire…

same issue happening preatty often

Please fix this is very annoying and happens constantly

I just swapped to IG/FS after this last patch fixed the exploits, and this happens ALOT with both magic weapons. I suspect they added a sort of delay to combat the minigun exploit but its super annoying and clunky

Because you didn’t wait long enough to start the next heavy attack.

same issue for me

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